Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween Movie Madness! - From Dusk Till Dawn

Okay so I figured since Halloween is coming up, I would attempt...the key word here being try to do something special. I considered trying to do the whole "horror movie a day" thing but the hubby and I just bought a house and every waking moment of my existence not spent at work as been spent painting, dry walling, and trying to get that dog wiz smell out of the living room. So I decided to try doing a horror movie a week.

Note the two words here...attempt...try. Yes my commitment level here is really low.

Regardless! I figured this would be a good opportunity to try and catch movies I've been wanting to see, but haven't gotten around to yet or never saw in full. Its that whole commitment thing again.

I started last night when From Dusk Till Dawn came on Showtime. I've seen this movie in clips but I never really sat down and watched it.

I don't care what I'm about to say ruins my street cred. I LOVED watching this movie.
Is it the best vampire movie ever made? Nope. Probably not even close. But From Dusk Till Dawn is a Hell of a lot of fun! I believe this movie began the holy union of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Without this movie, there would be no Grindhouse and in my mind that would be a crime indeed! The two work seamlessly together in this film blending Rodriguez's flashy direction with Tarantino's wordy, dirty dialog into this insane horror/action movie.

The gist of the story is as follows. The Gecko Brothers are on a crime spree. After Seth's problematic brother Richard botches a hostage situation in probably THE worst way one could they take a father who was a former pastor, and his two kids hostage instead. The group go to a truck stop/brothel/strip club/herpes dispenser in the middle of nowhere to meet one of Richard and Seth's partners in crime. Unfortunately this place is infested with vampires. And not Anne Rice angsty ones either. Bloody shenanigans ensue.

Honestly the main reason I loved this movie was because of its balls to the walls bad assery. Was it believable? Nope. Were the characters insanely in depth and Oscar winning? Nope. But what it did have was great action moments and some really charming characters despite them being a titch on the cardboard side. I enjoyed the fact that George Clooney decided to play an a-hole like Seth during a time his clean cut good guy image was at its peak. This is one of the reasons I like George Clooney...that and the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou?. But even with Seth being the a-hole he is, you still really liked him, which I felt was important. If Seth wasn't likable this movie would have probably been knocked down quite a few pegs for me.

Now I'm not saying it didn't have its flaws. After all Quentin Tarantino did have a lead role in this. Frankly, I can only take so much of that man's face for so long before I'm hoping he gets killed in some way. Quentin, you're a wonderful director and one of my favorite people to watch in interviews but hon, acting isn't your strongest suit. Stick with the one scene rolls. Also, I wanted more screen time with Fred Williamson and Tom Savini.

But the good out numbered the bad and despite the flaws, I LOVED it!...Keep in mind I did have almost half a bottle of wine while watching this movie though. It only added to the fun.

By the way, if the movie was a complete bust? I would have still sat through it just for this moment.

So final verdict? From Dusk Till Dawn is a really fun popcorn flick! It won't change your life or revolutionize the genre, but if you want to watch something that has blood, boobs, and guns, its worth checking out on Netlflix.


Nojh said...

Cheech Marin is awesome.

Hmm. I could have sworn I'd seen this movie before. But I guess I haven't.

*adds another to the list*

The Man With No Name said...

"balls to the walls bad assery" is damn right. This is my second fav vamp film (Near Dark is first). Clooney does make the film and is a ultimate badass. The first scene with Michael Parks in the gas station is phenomenal.

Karine said...

I've always seen this as being two movies back to back. Or like being on a straight, deserted highway at the beginning and suddenly veering left across the traffic in the opposite lane and continuing in the rocky terrain off-road in a car with really bad suspension.

Stac said...

I remember loving this movie when I saw it, but I think I saw it right after it came out on tape for rental soooo... 10 years ago? 12?

However, Cheech Marin doing the pussy bit is still firmly emblazoned in me thought meats- especially "Steeeeenky pusssyyyyyy!" Cracked me up.

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

I confess I love this film. It's cheesy, but a good cheesy, and Cheech Marin's "Monologue" is the highlight of the entire film.

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

When I hear the line "Chicken Pussy" I laugh for others reasons entirely (Cins...I think you know why...Bev)

Cins said...

Nojh>> Its a fun film. I think you'd get a kick out of it. And there is Boobies so..there ya go.

No Name>>Hells Yeah! That's why I enjoyed it so much. It never took itself seriously. And the first scene is pretty dang awesome. GREAT shoot out!
I love Near Dark too. Awesome flick!

Karine>>Same here. I think that was what the director was going for. The first act is a crime movie, the second is a horror movie. Usually that would bug me, for for this film? It worked.

Stac>*L* I heard the monolog on the soundtrack before I saw the movie. I damn near died with laughter.

Cheesy Roy>>*L* You were the one who played it for me before I saw the film. HILARITY! and yes...I know EXACTLY why chicken pussy made you laugh..and made the rest of us cringe. ;D