Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Movie Madness Week 2! - Night of the Demons

Let us go back in time.
Let us go back in time to the glorious era when hair was large, eyeliner was considered macho, and boobs had not become %100 fake yet.
Yes dear reader, I am speaking of, the 80's.

Night of the Demons is an old school film I saw years and years ago when I began my decent into the horror movie world. I spotted it on FEARnet on demand last night and in a wave of nostalgia I ordered the sucker up. This movie is perfect Drunken Horror Movie Night fodder. And if you have not seen this cheesy gem you have no idea what you are missing!

In typical bad 80's horror movie tradition, the plot of this sucker is paper thin. The usual group of slutty teenage girls (and their virginal friend) and extremely obnoxious douche bag boyfriends (and the token black guy) all have a party in a demon possessed house. The rest I'm sure you can figure out. I love this movie purely for the fact that it has no shame. I truly believe the makers of this film knew they were going to make something cheesy and sleazy and said "Fuck the public! This is going to be epic!" And I assure you it was epic. Maybe not in a good way, but it was epic.

This movie has it all, kills, possession, tits, and extremely bad dancing. Seriously, the teenagers dance like the Peanuts gang if they were all goth. You can hear the Charlie Brown theme in your head as they dance the night away. It also has probably they most awesomely bad line in the world involving two convenient store clerks and sour balls.

And then there's Stooge.

The pig on the right...awwwww yeah.

How natural selection passed over this fine specimen is beyond my knowledge. Stooge is the father of all douche bags. All other douche bags after him were probably reproduced from his back hair when someone spilled water on him. His douche baggery is on an epic scale.

Hey Ladies, he's not single but he does screw around.

Don't you want to break off a piece of Stooge?

But you know what it has that is a wow factor I have never EVER seen in another horror film before? Brace yourselves.

It has a nipple that absorbs an entire tube of lip stick.

Let me repeat that.

This movie has a nipple that absorbs an entire tube of lip stick.

I think that sentence speaks for itself.

Once again, this film is far from a masterpiece. But if you love cheesy films and some hilariously bad acting go, nay, RUN to the Netflix and add Night of the Demons to your cue!


Nojh said...

"It has a nipple that absorbs an entire tube of lip stick."

Wait what?

No wait. What?


Male or female nipple?

It matters but probably not as much as I want to admit.

Entire? What?

Excuse me I think my brain just wandered off alone. I need to go find it.

Stac said...

How many male horror fans do you think put this and Trash dancing in Return of the Living Dead into the ol' spank bank?

As a girl, most of mine feature Gerard Butler from Dracula 2000, but I share that only in the interest of creeping out both sexes.