Friday, September 4, 2009

Still kickin!!

Creepy Kitch is not abandoned despite us going for about a week with no posts.
The hubby and I are currently moving into a house so we've been spending all our free time painting, sanding, and knocking down dry wall. JOY!
Stac...well. I'm not sure what Stac is doing. My guess is she's bathing in the blood of young virgin men to restore her youth. Regardless, I'm sure its important stuff she's up to.

We'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Well, Stac is in a college town, so you'd think someone would have noticed the disappearances of so many male D&D players.

Hmmmmm ... Or not.

Stac said...

Hell YES it's important!

Which reminds me: we gotta make some slight liquid changes to your hottub next time I visit.

After we go to the comic book shop.

Stac said...

Chris: Naw, it's Fair time. They all go to ground for the month, so no one misses 'em.

Or wouldn't if I had any idea of what you're talking about. *polishes halo*