Monday, September 28, 2009

The Best Writers You're Not Reading!

I'm a bit on a book kick right now...mostly because my cable is was still being hooked up at our new place which has turned me to my books again. So I've decided to give a shout out to two authors who I feel have not gotten a lot of credit out in the writing world. And both of these writers are old friends of mine. I suppose you can consider this post a favor to a friend of sorts but honestly, I would not bother writing a post praising something I didn't like...unless its another attempt to tear into Exorcist: The Beginning. Regardless, they are both extremely talented writers and I feel deserve a shout out on our pithy little Internet soap box. So without further ado, here are two writers I truly feel are worth checking out.

Christine Morgan
Cured Meat found in The World is Dead Anthology and The Barrow Maid found in History is Dead Anthology
Christine's two zombie stories are stellar and I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for both stories. WHY she picked me is a bit of a mystery since my "superior" grammar and spelling is a tell tale sign that I am really not a writer. I think its because I am an avid zombie fan and she was just giving me a bone (No pun intended). And while both stories are about zombies they are completely different from each other .Cured Meat is a story told through a zombie's perspective and The Barrow Maid is a Nordic historical tale. The Barrow Maid is well researched as a historical piece and well...two words...Viking Zombies!! Its fun, action packed and gives you what you want; zombies swinging swords, kicking ass, and taking names. My particular favorite though is Cured Meat. It's an extremely unique story and Christine voices the zombie both in a human yet extremely creepy manner. Both are wonderful reads. The Anthologies have many other fantastic stories in them as well so I assure you they are worth picking up! But personally, Christine's are my favorite. You can find both anthologies on Amazon. And if you want to read more of Christine's work (she also writes fantasy, horror, and children's books!) check out her websites and

Rob St. Martin
The Truthseekers Series
While this isn't strictly horror, Rob's Truthseekers books do have some elements of horror in them (vampires, zombies, magic, and some gruesome murders). So far he has two out and is working on a third...he BETTER be working on a third or I will go up to Canada and strangle it out of him. Truthseekers is a young adult series that I became addicted to at the age of thirty-three. The series follows a girl name Ashley, who moves to a small town named Blackriver after her parents are brutally murdered. Her adventures are told in a series of short stories that begin to revel strange conspiracies that involved her family and will soon involve her. Yes, I made that sound very vague but there is so much to the story and such a rich world created that I don't want to give anything away. The reason I became addicted to his series is because he never talks down to his audience, making his work intelligent and accessible to both teens and adults. Don't let the young adult label fool you, this is a great story, a interesting world, and some quirky characters.
You can pick up Truthseekers: Welcome to Blackriver and and Truthseekers: Birthright on Amazon. You can also order them from . And to find more on Rob's work you can go to his website:


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