Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Discussion Time! Halloween Costume Goodness!

Since we're on a Halloween kick here at Creepy Kitch, I thought I would follow suit and open up a discussion for all.
Yay! Its sharing is caring time!
So, in honor of one of my all time favorite Holiday's fast approaching, I ask you this chilling challenge!
What was your all time favorite Halloween costume you wore?
This can be from when you were a kid to just last year. Seriously, I'm 33 years old and I still dress up for Halloween. And not in the way a typical adult female would either. For me Halloween is not "dress like a whore" day but "AWESOME COSTUME MADNESS!!" day. I really do try to go all out depending on my time and my money that year.
I think I've only missed a couple Halloweens costume wise. And it broke my heart both times to not have a costume. And I assure you I have MANY favorite costumes.
But this one was my all time favorite.

Jurassic Park Employee.
I did this costume back during my senior year in high school. I thought I was OH so clever doing this. Actually I STILL think I was clever doing this. It was 1994, the year Jurassic Park came out and I loved, LOVED that movie. Judge me all you like but I STILL love that movie and consider it one of the best movie theater experiences I have ever had in my life. I also had just recently taken a class on theatrical makeup that included a how to do bruises, bloody scratches, scars, and other fun gore.
So I decided to combine my love for the film and my new found knowledge via costume. I put together a somewhat generic looking "archaeologist" outfit of cut off jeans, tank top, denim over shirt, panama hat and neckerchief. I stenciled in the JP logo on the back of my over shirt along with the title "Velociraptor Containment Team". I even made myself an IN-GEN badge using a school photo, cardboard, and lots of packing tape. Then, using my mom's cosmetics (much to her chagrin I assure you) I managed to give myself a rather convincing black eye, bloody lip, skinned knees, and raptor claw marks across my face and arms. All with the help of Mary Kay! Okay, granted, my mom only owned shimmer eyeshadow at the time so some of my bruises had a sparkly effect but it still looked convincing if I didn't stand in the sun too long!
The best part about this costume was going Trick or Treating with my friend's little sister and brother that night. I managed to convince two other friends of mine that this whole Jurassic Park idea, was a good one. So they followed suit, putting together their own JP costumes. And while we escorted young Anne-Marie and Brendon to get their sweet surgary goodness, the three of us would put on a show for the door people involving, screaming, shaking bushes and a raptor puppet. I figured hey, if they think we're too old for trick or treating, at least this theatrical experience would earn us some candy. And earn candy it did! We came home with quite a horde.
And to date that is my favorite Halloween costume. I've done others since then (Indiana Jones with boobs, Kayako from The Grudge, A fry cook on Venus) but I had the most fun wearing my Jurassic Park worker costume.
...I am so tempted to do it again.

So lay it on me, What's YOUR favorite?


Nojh said...

Okay... so confession time.

I don't dress up in costumes. At least not since a little kid.

I never really got to celebrate Halloween much as a child. I didn't live in a neighborhood. I went to Halloween fairs, and got Candy, but no real trick or treating. I think I got to trick or treat twice. Both times my costumes kinda sucked.

Honestly I always wanted to be a skeleton. I had a LOVE of skeletons as a child. Bones in general. Animated skeletons in particular. Any movie or cartoon that had dancing skeletons I would watch over and over and over. I tried to theorize how to make an animated skeleton when I was a kid, a walking (not so breathing) one. As an adult I still know /how/ I would do it... it just requires more money and scientific research than I currently have.

(Note to self: Take over the world quicker so you can build an army of walking skeletons sooner)

There was one attempt at actually making a me /appear/ a skeleton, which involved a giant black outfit with bones sewn on. It was mostly effective, although not dream fulfilling. But I give my mom full credit for trying.

So yeah. My alternate costumes were ghosts and mummies. The mummy was probably the coldest costume I've ever done, and the quickest one to fall apart.

Looking back at it I had a serious undead theme going on as a kid... Its a wonder I never tried to be a zombie. Hmmm...

So anyway somewhere along the way to growing up I got seriously self conscious about how people saw me and just didn't like the attention it brought, being the shy guy that I am.

That being said I like listening to other people talk about and seeing other people's costumes.

Stac said...

Nojh: I bought two jointed paper Halloween skeletons on this very day! One is purple and sparkly.

I can't pick just one favorite.. when I was little I was an angel-- at my own request-- and everyone told me I was the cutest most angelic thing ever. Suckers.

I also took it to mind to be a marine when I was about 6. I actually got a lot of positive response from that, which was cool.

I've been Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas a few times, and it's a pretty cool outfit. Haven't done it since I cut all my hair off, though.

I was Medusa one year, which turned out really cool because I spirit-gummed green sequins all around my face in an over-lapping pattern. I wanna redo it, actually, and pay more attention to my hair this time.

I was a fire faery one year, which turned out really well; I went for a charred look that was a great foil for Bevin who went as a frost faery.

Last year I painted my face up as a Dia de los Muertos skull. Year before I was a werewolf and ended up accidentally scaring the hell out of my brother's dad.

I so love this time of year!! :D I have never, ever missed dressing up for Halloween and God willing, I never will. If I am in a coma or something one year Cins and Bevin are charged with putting a mask on me at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... The last costume I did was quite a few years ago. It was of Steve Irwin on a bad day. I had small plastic and rubber spiders and snakes stuck to me and a small mechanical dinosaur that looked enough like a crocodile that grabbed onto my arm and shook and roared as it hung from my arm.

Don't worry. This was before he died, so it wasn't in bad taste.

Stac said...

Chris: Oh thank God; we really worry about that around here. ;)

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Stac said...

Is this legit or is it spam?

Nojh said...

I was curious about that myself. The website appears legit. But I don't remember ya'll writing a post about Mad Men?

Stac said...

NOJH: Nope. And I'm probably not going to start since this, y'know, a HORROR blog. Plus, I don't watch all that much tv regularly. Other than Bones. I love Bones.

Nojh said...

Stac: Really? Not even mythbusters or The Colony? I figured you'd watch those two at least.

Speaking in terms of horror there isn't a lot of good horror TV out there right now is there? That I can remember off the top of my head anyway. I've heard good things about True Blood but thats a drama. Battlestar Galatica had more suspense than horror.

Ooh! The second season of Dr. Who had some of the most awesome horror episodes ever. Several in a row. I highly suggest it (just like I highly suggest the series).

Stac said...

Nojh: I tend to watch Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs in big chunks when they how marathons of them on Discovery. Same with Bones on TNT or whatever it is. I frequently watch Ghosthunters b/c Cins and I frequently chat while watching and like scaring each other. :)

I've watched some Dr. Who, but not much. Just not my bag, really. However, if you ever wanna talk about Kolchak the Nightstalker or Remington Steele, than BABY have I got info for you! :D

Nojh said...

Stac: Remington Steele and Kolchak: The Night Stalker, please englighten me :)

As for Dr. Who. These are the particular episodes you want to watch:

2.2 - "Tooth and Claw" (Good old British werewolves)

2.7 & 2.8 - "The Impossible Planet" & "Satan's Pit" (The scariest by far, if you don't mind sci-fi mixing in your horror)

3.10 - "Blink" (which is very unique episode in that it barely even features the regular characters)

Kayla(Bavarian.Circus) said...

As far as the favorite costume goes, I'm ashamed to admit that I was never very interested in being scary. I've been Pocahontas and a princess too many times to count. But, I think my favorite one(pathetically enough) was when I took a last-minute, on-sale "Evil Queen from Snow White" costume and did a bit of altering so I could be Arwen from The Lord of the Rings. =P I'm a huge nerd. This year I plan on being a Zombie, make-up funds permitted. I did a bit of research and found a few intriguing ideas that I think are worth a shot. One such suggestion is picking out an outfit before-hand and, instead of altering it to look decrepit and blah, burying it two weeks before Halloween so it actually has time to decompose. As long as I get the buggies out, I think that will be pretty nifty. Also, on the point of Horror TV, I'm kinda embarassed to admit it, but I've been following the new Vampire Diaries series and it actually gives me the chills sometimes. Granted, I always seem to find myself watching it late at night when my parents aren't home and my little sister's asleep. But, still. It's rather unnerving to see a woman step out of her tent in the middle of the woods to say something to her boyfriend/fiance only to find him hanging from a tree above her, all bloody and dripping. The fog, I will admit, is pretty cheesy, but delightfully so. =)

mlewis4880 said...

My favorite costume had to be my Cone Head costume. Everyone loved it. It was a bit awkward wearing it around all night but it was worth it. Haha. I am so over wearing scary costumes. Halloween costumes should all be funny and inappropriate. I am in a very big predicament on what to wear this Halloween. It is between these 10 costumes. http://www.ranker.com/list/offensive-halloween-costume-ideas/alex-sargeant
I know they are kind of absurd, but that's what I want this Halloween to be like. Help me out!