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Cins Favorite Movies of the Decade -Part 4: The New Blood

I am BACK from the holidays! And much fun was had by all!...I really have nothing more to say than that simply because my brain is still a little too fried to be witty.

Do have a quick shout out to the winners of the art work and prints for the Saw contest. Sorry I've been dragging my ass on getting your prizes to you! The holidays have been hectic. But I promise I will be sending them out VERY soon! I will contact you privately via email as soon as its in the mail!
I suck, I know. Thanks for being so patient guys!

Since I'm determined to get this damn list finished BEFORE 2010, here's part four of my overview of shit I liked in the last 10 years.

As usual, no real order than Chronological...very loose chronological:

AvP Requiem

If you've been reading this list from the begining, you can probably tell that I have a weakness for schlock. And the AvP movies don't get much schlockier. The first AvP was okay but that whole trying to make it pg-13 and make the Predator's heroic really didn't do it any favors. So when AvP returned and was rated R, I was very Gung Ho. No real plot, just lots of awesome carnage that the original films gave us. Yes, it did cheapen the profound awesomeness of the original Alien and Aliens but I'm willing to forgive that simply because this movie let an Alien lose in a nursery. It was like watching a fat tourist with a free pass to a Vegas buffet.


Not only one of my favorite horror movies of the decade but one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. Seriously. I think this was due to the awesome theatrical experience I had seeing this movie. Its a fun double feature with zombies, hot chicks, guns, gore, great fake trailers, and some kick ass women characters. I usually get chastised for this but I actually liked Death Proof more than Planet Terror. No self respecting zombie lover would admit that, I know. I can't help it. Those chicks just KICK ASS.


This was recommended by Johnny over at Freddy In Space. Its a fun homage film to the great 80's slasher films. Not only a great homage but it has enough originality for it to stand on its own. Victor Crowley has a great mythical back story and Kane Hodder, as usual, performs fantastically. So even if you know jack about 80's slasher films, this one will still be a great ride. It also has cameos from many horror film legends. Can you spot them all?

Paranormal Activity

...GOD I love this movie! It takes a lot, and I mean A LOT for a film to get to me. And this movie GOT TO ME. It preys off some of my biggest fears; Demon possession, helplessness, and your loved one not being who you think they are. This combined with the realism of the shakey camcorder style and very real characters creates a formula that will keep Cins awake for three nights. I am going out TODAY to pick this up on DVD. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!


Another shakey cam movie. And what I believe to be the BEST in the sub genre. Shakey cam and zombies. A perfect combo! I was lucky to stumble upon [REC] when Johnny tossed this to me as a recommendation. The man KNOWS my style! [REC] is relentless in its terror and uses the camera and the setting to its advantage in every way possible. It also has one of the best closing sequences in the horror film ever. The only movie ever to make my husband jump. This one you HAVE to see.


And the third shakey cam film on my list. Both Paranormal Activity and [REC] are superior to this but you really can't knock that its just a fun movie. What I liked was how J.J. Abrams took the monster movie and made it revolve around the poor suckers who were stuck in the path rather than focus on the government or scientists we usually see. I also loved the weird and wacky design of the monster...and I finally got my plushie of it! Oh Happy Christmas indeed!

Dance of the Dead

It seems like a good chunk of this list is dedicated to zombie films. What can I say? I'm a zombie lovin' freakazoid. Dance of the Dead takes the awkwardness of a high school prom and adds zombies. And this made it awesome. I enjoyed my prom but I think zombies would have probably made it more interesting. It has some really great characters including a survivalist gym teacher and a zombie sex scene in a restroom stall. I repeat...zombie....sex...scene. There's a lot to like about this movie.

Let The Right One In

This is a beautiful and poetic film. Everything about this movie from the dialog to the cinematography was carefully used to invoke a feeling of melancholy that was both sad and lovely. They also casted children in this film that looked like real children which made the story hit you even harder. Less of a horror film and more of a drama with supernatural elements, this movie really changes the way you looks at vampires.

The Midnight Meat Train

Blood, Demons, and Clive Barker. Awwwwww Yeah baby! Okay, well I'm not sure if they were demons but still! This movie was a pleasant surprise for me. The CGI did go a little overboard but it seemed to work for the style. It also created quite an iconic horror villain with Mahogany (Vinnie Jones can convey more with an eye twitch then most actors can with their whole body). Not Clive's best but its signature Barker and has the same intimate feel that Hellraiser had.


I stumbled upon Otis by accident. I still have no idea how this ended up in my Netfix cue. This films is a fantastic satire of the torture porn genre. Even if you're not into torture porn comedy...which I think this is the only film that falls into the category...rent it for Illeana Douglas's performance. She's amazing hilarious in this movie.

And there's part 4!

Part five will be short, I promise. Six more movies to go!

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