Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Minutes of Terror: The Exorcist III

Hey Folks!
This one is a short and sweet scene that I feel the need to include in 10 Minutes of Terror. Its actually not even close to being 10 minutes...more like a 58 seconds.
I make it no secret that I absolutely love The Exorcist III. Is it as good as the original? Nope. And yes it DOES have Fabio in an angel costume which is just fucking weird.
But I really feel that the Exorcist III tried its best to keep the feel of the original Exorcist and for the most part, it succeeded.
But I digress. This post is about my favorite scene in the film. The Nurse Station Scene aka., The White Sheet Scene.

Lets take a look.

This moment happens right after the nurse in the red sweater goes to check on a patient and ends up getting a little jump scare from something harmless. Is it a cheap ploy to lure you into something bigger? Oh yeah. But it works. And it works well.
Now when I hunted this scene down on youtube I was surprised to see the entire sequence was less than a minute. The first time I saw it, it fell like eternity. But that just goes to show you how well they were able to build up the tension in this short scene. The stationary long shot is so far away that you can't make out anyone's features. It also has the qualities of a security camera which gives a very voyeuristic feel. The colors in the scene were drab and cold, even the background people were in colors that disappeared. This made the nurse's sweater stand out and you can't help but watch that sweater the entire moment. The entire scene is very mundane. No score, nothing urgent happening, and you can't even see expressions on people's faces to get any clue of what could be happening with them. It creates a blank canvas that lures you into a false sense of security.
Then BAM! Money shot! That weird shrill horn and a fast zoom in to...what the hell IS that anyways?!...Yes I know its an old lady in a sheet but the first time I saw that it went so fast that I jumped and thought maybe it was a creature instead of a person. I'd also like to point out the horrific device the sheeted person is carrying. We do find out that its a device used in Autopsies...charming.

I really do love this scene. The Exorcist III does have its faults yes. And The movie itself is more creepy and atmospheric than truly scary. But its extremely interesting and has some great acting involved. I highly recommend tossing this up on the Netflix if you haven't seen it.


Nojh said...

Wow! I jumped! I mean kinda cheesy really but still scary. I had to go back and pause it to kinda look at it cause I'm just that kind of person but wow.

Do they explain what happened? What it was that killed her? Now I wana see the movie.

Cins said...

*L* Like i said, it works believe it or not.
I won't go into who/what that was in a sheet since its REALLY involved. Watch the movie to find out. But I will say that the nurse did not survive that moment and they describe how the found her.

I think you'd like Exorcist 3. Its really creepy and interresting. The ending is a touch cheesy but its not too bad.:)

Stac said...

I effing LOVE this movie! As a result of this and William Peter Blatty doing SUCH an awesome job narrating his own novel (The Exorcist) I think I've got a bit of a crush on the man.

Cins, did you read the X-E Halloween countdown? Someone did a diorama of this scene and it's AWESOME!