Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cins' Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 3 The Reconning

Aaaand We're back with our third installment of shit Cindy liked during the decade!

This will also be my last post until after Christmas. I'll be jumping on a plane tonight and spending the week with my family. And since my parents' computer is older than God, I probably won't have much access to the interwebs.
Just FYI-ing case you're eager to read the rest of this insanity.

So on we go.

Once again, no real order than chronologically:

Land of the Dead

I know a lot of people didn't really like this one but I think it has a certain charm. That and I like John Leguizamo. Romero made the zombies more sympathetic than the humans in this movie and frankly, that's the reason I liked it so much. I was definitely rooting for Big Daddy and his crew to go in and eat some of those asshats in Fiddler's Green.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

This is a great tongue in Cheek mockumetary on Slashers that I really enjoyed. It never got too full of itself and it never outright said "Oh look how clever we are!". It was a fun, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and very endearing movie about a guy rising to slasher fame. Its worth seeing for Nathan Baesel's performance as Leslie. He's both frighting and adorable.

Black Sheep

I really don't have a lot to say about this movie other than there are killer zombie sheep and a lot of sheep fucking jokes. Yes, I'm juvenile but its fucking funny, Okay?!


Probably the most heart warming zombie film ever created. Its as if Lassie, and the '...of the Dead' films had an adorable love child. This paired with a witty script and an amazing design makes Fido one of my most beloved zombie movies. Not scary, but freakin' adorable!

The Host

I considered this a movie grenade. I wasn't sure if I liked it much when I first saw it. But after some repeat viewings, it has grown on me a lot. I loved the monster in this and the monster attack sequences are brilliant! But the best part of the film is the battle royal at the end between the monster and its kidnap victim's family. Archery is badass.

Silent Hill

I go on and on about this one. I was a big fan of the game back in the day when Nojh and I had time to visit each other and play it. Not only is it a pretty darn good depiction of the game, it stays true to its freaky horror nature. Silent Hill is beautifully grotesque and atmospheric. The music and sound design gives me chills. And the lead characters are four bad ass (or Batshit crazy) women. I absolutely love this horror film.


Jack MacReady: It's obvious the bastard's got lyme disease!

Bill Pardy: What?

Jack MacReady: Lyme disease. You touch some deer feces, and then you... eat a sandwich without washin' your hands. You got your lyme disease!

Bill Pardy: And that makes you look like a squid?

Furthering my love of Nathan Fillion beyond Firefly. Is he this generations Bruce Campbell? Perhaps SO! Rednecks in peril is always a fun time. Slither has a great cast, hilarious dialog, and some fantastic creatures...oh and a woman explodes before eating a possum. GOOD TIMES!

The Wicker Man

...Okay...Here me out...Seriously. I mean it! Seriously! This movie sucked ass. It sucked SO much ass that I'm surprised it doesn't make an appearance in gay porn. Having said that, I have never had more fun watching a movie drunk off my ass than this one. Seriously folks, have you SEEN this movie lit like a roman candle!? Everything Nicolas Cage does in this from karate kicking Leelee Sobieski in the face to punching a woman whilst wearing a bear suit, to screaming "Don't Put Tha Bees In Mah Helmet!!" is COMEDY GOLD! Here's the thing, you need to get drunk and I mean REALLY drunk to see this film. Then invite some friends over and get them really drunk as well. There is NO way in Hell I could sit through this autopsy alone and sober. And don't use beer. We're talking HARD LIQUOR here folks! I recommend doing this ONLY for the brave, the masochistic, and those with a liver of steel.
Or you can just find the best parts of this movie on Youtube. Same thing.


I did an article on this film when we first started the blog, and my opinion still stands. 1408 is a wonderful ghost story with a less is more approach about it. Its pretty much The Shinning's younger, more bitchy brother. A writer, played wonderfully by John Cusack dares to stay a night in the haunted room and bad shit, VERY bad shit happens. I love its simplicity.

28 Weeks Later

While I don't think its as good as 28 Days Later, this one is still pretty damn awesome. 28 Weeks Later takes out most of the optimism that the first film had and presents us with a "Yup, we're fucked" attitude. Its action/horror sequences are amazing. Even if you're not a fan of zombie films this one is worth watching for the opening sequence and the scene in the tube station. HOLY CRAP!

And that's Part three! Part four and five will be joining us after Christmas week. Until then, I hope all you folks have an excellent Holiday!

And Stac, don't play too rough with them.


Stac said...

I promise nothing. NOTHING.

Nojh said...

I need to watch Land of the Dead. Being the supposed zombie expert of my group of friends, I feel sad that I've only watched it twice...

Fido on the other hand I've shown to almost any friend whom I could tie up and tape their eyes open. It such an awesome film.

And of course I'm required to like Silent Hill... actually I'm not. Being such a big fan of the first video game and a moderate fan of the sequels, this movie still managed to meat my expectations. I need to purchase a hi-def copy of it...

Slither is one of my secret loves.


Man that cracks me up each time...

28 Weeks Later I rather liked but I agree I prefer the first one. The two are such different story styles however that I find it hard to compare them.

I loved 1408. But as I mentioned previously I love ghost stories.

The Host, I'm sad to say, I never got to see. I really did want to. But I never managed to find someone to go see it with and somehow it just slipped my memory. Now I really should go try and track it down. Its a holiday movie right?

Stac: If we give you cocoa will you not maim us? :)