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Cins' Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 2 Eletric Booglaoo

AAAAND we're back! And the list continues! As you can see, my taste runs the gamut here. But then I'm not a very picky person at times...Okay I'm picky enough to know that Diary of the Dead and The Unborn sucked ass and will not be making an appearance on this list.
So on we go!

Once again, no particular order than somewhat chronological:

A controversial film, yes! Controversial depending on which side of the remake debate you are on. I tend to be mildly indifferent about most remakes which is why this one was a pleasant surprise. In my mind, there was absolutely no way this movie was going to live up to the original. And you know what? It didn't. But going in with that thought I managed to watch the movie with a clean slate and enjoy it. As a stand alone horror film its extremely entertaining and I did enjoy watching our heroine run over then back up and run over again one of our villains.

ANOTHER remake! And I will say this one is one of the more superior remakes out there. What Dawn of lacks in the social commentary the original one had, it MORE than makes up for it in the zombie action sense. They took fast zombies and made them meaner and scarier than 28 Days Later. It also has one of the best opening sequences ever in a horror film. I featured it on 10 minutes of terror. MIGHT be able to consider this a remake. But I have to admit, if you do consider it a remake, its a remake that was FAR superior to the original. Exorcist the Beginning is afterbirth. Plain and simple. Dominion, while not as brilliant as The Exorcist, does a wonderful job keeping with the themes of the original as well as showing us what Father Merrin was before Regan was possessed. But if you look for this look for DOMINION not Exorcist the Beginning...because if you watch the later your face will melt off. Seriously. I've seen it happen.

TOTAL guilty pleasure movie brought to you by Stac! She brought over The Hazing two convergences ago to show me its campy awesomeness. And thats what it is CAMPY AWESOMENESS. The amount of camel toe alone in this film is breath taking. If you're looking for a fun drunken horror movie night film, this is it!

Nasty Gorey Asian Fun! That's really the best way to describe Infection. While its not the best Asian extreme out there, the gore is well done and the visuals are creepy and insane! Worth the rent!

Not a fan of the franchise. I'll admit that. And that is because the other Saw films lack what the original had. The first Saw was a sophisticated, gritty thriller. It more about the situation and less about the traps and THAT was where the terror was. There was gore but not as much as you would be lead to believe looking at the sequels. Jigsaw was an incredible villain, the twist at the end was jaw dropping and countless films after it are STILL trying to imitate it.

Best zombie comedy ever? I do believe so! And every zombie comedy pales in comparison. Shaun of the Dead is a masterpiece with great characters, tons of homages to classic Romero films, and a love story at its core. This is the film I think about whenever there is talk of a real zombie Apocalypse.

This movie really doesn't get enough credit. But then Dark Water is less about spooky ghosts and more about a mother on the edge of a breakdown. Jennifer Connelly's performance is so beautiful and strained as her character struggles with a bitter divorce, having no income, and struggling with her daughter's troubles. The ghost story creates a foil for her breakdown and we're treated to an amazing character study of a woman haunted not only physically, but psychologically as well. Do NOT expect The Ring or The Grudge when going into this. This is something on a whole other level.

Words cannot express my love for this movie. Cramped places, crazy bitches, and creepy ass monsters! And that's just the TIP of the iceberg. The Descent is the only move I've seen that truly captures that horrible sense of claustrophobia and uses it through out the film. The acting is top notch and is one of the few horror films out there that features an all female cast...except maybe those cave lemurs..not sure if they have genitalia.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I'm a sucker for a good exorcism. I'm sure its because I was brought up Catholic. Part horror film, part court room drama, all engrossing. I found the entire film really intriguing and thought Jennifer Carpenter's performance was outstanding. While it did have some slow parts, it more thank makes up for it with the botched exorcism scene.

So there is Part TWO of my favorites of the decade! And I would guess about two more posts to go. Hang on tight folks!

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Nojh said...

I loved Dark Water. But I'm a fan of psychology and ghosts. When the two mix, it is like peanut butter and chocolate.

Dawn of the Dead was fun. It had its ups and downs. I completely agree about the intro though.

I've been meaning to watch Saw...

Infection looks awesome! I totally want to see that now.