Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cins' Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 1

So the holiday slump has set in I assure you. Life has been crazy busy...and full of booze.

...lots of booze.

But in an attempt to keep things as active as possible, I'll be posting yet another series on the blog. I realized that I have seen some pretty dang good horror in the last decade so why not do a quick "In Review" post? Well that quick in review turned into a list that consists of over 40

And keep in mind this only consists of movies I've seen. I still have movies like "Grace" and "Dead Girl" waiting in my cue. I've never claimed to be on the pulse of the horror movie community. My timing is always off by 6 months to a year, I'll admit it. But I like to think what I lack in variety I make up with good intentions and a mighty fine ass.

...Too much information?

So without further are 10 of my favorites for Part 1.

These are in no particular order other than chronological:

Final Destination
Yes, its total schlock. Yes, it has no point. Yes, its TONS of fun. I really love this movie simply for the creative improbable death scenes. There, I said it. There's really not much more to the film than that and it delivers! And while the sequels get more and more creative with the death scenes, I still feel the first one is the best in the series simply because it was the only one that wasn't a rehash of the same damn story.

Ginger Snaps
So my friend sat me down and told me "Boy, do I have the best pubescent girl werewolf movie for YOU!". And after I shook of the initial WTFery of that statement, I watched Ginger Snaps. I was kinda skeptical at first thinking this was going to be a movie about angsty teens and dramatic werewolves...and it is but its pulled off masterfully. Ginger Snaps delivers a perfect parallel between a girl growing into woman hood and a woman turning into a werewolf. Trust me guys, for some of us chicks, this is what puberty felt like.

Ju-On/The Grudge
Yeah, lumping the two in together simply because they're the same movie overall. And yes, I'm sure I'll get some flack for that but I really loved both Ju-On and The Grudge. Both are delightfully creepy and have some great sounds. That may seem ridiculous but the sound design is a big factor in its scares. Its also one of the few films where not even the sanctuary of your bed is safe from angry little Japanese women in need of a hot oil treatment.

The Devil's Backbone
This is more of a drama than a horror film but it has some frightening moments and one of the most grotesquely beautiful ghosts ever put on film. Guillermo del Toro showed what a masterful film maker he is with this wonderful book end to Pan's Labyrinth. And while Pan's Labyrinth is a better film, The Devil's Backbone is far more raw and frightening. If you haven't seen this movie, DO EEEEET!

The Others
I'm a sucker for ghost stories and British people. The Others wins simply for the amazing tension it creates. Nicole Kidman puts on one of the best performances of her career as the over protective, over zealous mother in a haunted house. The scares in this are all done in a less is more manner using sound, lighting, story, and simple effects. Its a wonderful film full of dread and anxiety.

Session 9
Did a review on this a while back. Stac introduced me to this mind fuck of a movie. Its definitely more of a supernatural thriller than a out and out horror film. Session 9 is a beautiful, creepy, and atmospheric film that never outright tells you what is going on. There are so many theories on what the film's ending really is and each one is valid! Total Mind Fuck!

Thir13en Ghosts
Okay, okay yes. This movie is NOT SCARY. I am fully aware of that. But its just so damn fun I just don't care. Everything from Mathew Lillard's smart ass psychic (who I adore in this movie) to the sassy black nanny is extremely cliche and ridiculous. But the ghosts are fantastic and the glass house is charming in a "that is SO not possible!" way. If you have seen the DVD, the back story of each ghost is great. This one is great for drunken horror movie night.

28 Days Later
This movie is brilliant. Hands down. Danny Boyle took a simple scenario seen before and turned it into a beautiful philosophical film about human companionship and humanity itself. Not to mention he took zombies and made them FUCKING FAST! I don't care who you are, if you saw one of those infected bastards coming at you, you'd shit your pants. It also sparked the debate of if the infected in 28 Days Later are really zombies or not which is always a fun fight to watch at parties.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bruce Campbell at his finest. This movie only makes me love him more. Bruce steps into a roll that proves to the world that yes, he is more than just a gorgeous chin. The man can act. An ancient mummy comes to a old folks home to feed off the souls of the elderly...and only Elvis and JFK can stop them. Best movie premise ever. But don't let that synopsis fool you, Bubba Ho-Tep is more than just some goofy horror film, it tackles some serious subjects. This movie has a lot of layers.

This movie is the reason I fear people with social problems. Its equal parts heart breaking and FUBAR'd. May's greatness owes a lot to its lead actress Angela Bettis who played the title character so vulnerable you just want to sob. And when she does go on her little rampage at the end, you can't help but feel yourself rooting for her.

Freddy vs Jason
I don't care if you're a hater, I love this movie and I have no problem admitting it. Does that mean I have taste for shit? Perhaps. But come on, we ALL wanted to see these two either fight to the death or make out with each other....okay maybe Stac and I only wanted to see the later. This movie was so lovingly created by people who adore both the Nightmare and Friday franchises that you just can't help but be swept up in their enthusiasm. FvJ was good old fashion fun.

So there are the first 10 on my long list of insanity. And at least forty more to go. So strap in kiddies, its gonna be a long trip!


Stac said...

Great idea! I'd like to blame booze, too, but really it's blamed on sitting on my ass, playing Pet Society on facebook. It's tiny, adorable, CRACK in a virtual dollhouse, seriously.

Man, The Grudge scared me SO BADLY. I was afraid to look out my kitchen window after dark for about two weeks after seeing this. To make it worse, the TWITCHIEST motherfucker in the world was in the cinema sitting in my row; I fully expected to be gunned down mid-movie.

FvJ is STILL one of m favorites, and marks the first time I ever wanted to do Jason. Seriously, have you seen Ken Kirzinger sans hokey mask? He's almost 7 feet of pure Canadian delicious! Yes please!

There's actually a third movie in the work to complete the Spanish Civil War trilogy Guillermo del Toro started with Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth.

Fuck it, I agree with it all!

Matthew said...

I expected to see The Orphanage here... I consider it to be much better than what I remember of The Others.

Also, you mentioned Grace. I would strongly recommend skipping Dead Girl, and watching Grace alone. It's such a crazy movie, and Jordan Ladd is awe-inspiring in it. I loved it!

Nojh said...

Wow. There are quiet a few movies in that list I haven't seen and nearly all of them I now want to see. I love this idea. Part 2 better come out soon!

I love 13 ghosts. And I was totally freaked out by The Grudge for at least a day. Both versions.

Bubba Ho-Tep on the other hand I've been warned away from. Seriously it is actually a good movie?

Cins said...

Stac>>Yeah well..For me it's booze. Apparently tis the season to be FUBARd with the Iron Maiden. ;D
*L* I think I first saw FvJ with you, right? LOVE that movie!
You should do a list, woman! You have seen FAR more horror movies than I have this decade! I'm still a Noob remember? ;D

Matt>>*L* Well I have a ton more films to come. This is probably going to be a four part article. But I will admit, I have not seen The Orphanage yet. It is DEFINITELY on the cue. I Pretty much know the premise of Dead Girl and I have to admit, morbid curiosity has me about it. I also scored a free copy of it so, yeah. *L* And I am EXTREMELY Eager to see Grace! Its next on my cue! WOOO!

Nojh>>Part 2 will probably be out tonight or tomorrow. I Absolutely love Bubba Ho-tep. Its so bizarre. Definitely not what I thought it would be. Its extremely weird, quirky and surprisingly deep but I loved it.

Matthew said...

@Cins What I like about Grace is that you don't get to see many horror films solely about a mother and child. And this particular baby is so screwed up, it's unbelievable. Wait until you see its first breast-feeding.

Dead Girl to me was just trying incredibly hard to be disgusting, and it accomplished little in the process. There's no form of torture against women in it that you haven't already seen in 10 other horror films. It's not a horrible movie, it's just un-affecting (other than making you mad that you sat through it all). Or at least it was to me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line of 13 Ghosts remains "I think the lawyer just split."

That moment? It really sets the mood of the movie. It's not a scary movie, it's a fun movie that works with terror and over-the-top gore.