Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cins Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 5: The Final Six!

Okay! The final installment!
So Hang onto your seats folks! Here we go with the last six movies for the decade that I didn't think sucked!


No particular order than Chronological:

Repo: The Genetic Opera

This movie combined two of my all time favorite things in the world, horror films and show tunes. And they said it couldn't be done! Okay, the horror musical is not something one would consider original but Repo took the idea, bumped it up a notch into edgy rock, and added a great post apocalyptic story. While I wouldn't consider the music to be Tony award winning it IS catchy and fun. Also, Sarah Brightman shoots hologram lasers out of her eyes....every movie should have that.


Would you consider this a horror film? I'm not sure really. But the gore is definitely on horror film level. Doomsday is a extremely over the top end of the world tale that dares to ask "What would happen if Soccer hooligans took over the world?" If does get a smidge slow when they get to the medieval castle but it makes up for it with the AWESOME car chase afterwards. Also, Eden Sinclair is one of the biggest bad ass women since Ripley from Aliens.

Zombie Strippers

Holy Shit...HOLY SHIT! Boobs and Clown Gore. That's really all this movie is about. But really, you don't need much else when a movie is called Zombie Strippers. That's all I have to say about that.

Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi shows that he STILL has it! Has Spiderman softened him? Naaaah. Drag me to Hell is vintage Raimi using comedy and horror to create a truly unique story, endearing characters, and the best Customer Service Nightmare Scenario ever. I equally laughed and screamed at this movie. This one is definitely going into the DVD collection.

30 Days of Night

Yes, I know what you're all thinking.."Cins, You wrote an article about how you were disappointed in this movie. WHY the Hell did you put it on your list?"
Well I have a very good reason..well in my mind a very good reason. I believe that if I didn't read the books first, I would have loved it! Alas, my main problem with this movie was the adaptation between the book and film. The film itself though its very well done. So if you venture towards this film, watch it first, then read the book later . Also, you have to admit, despite the failings of the adaptation story wise, the vampires were spot on and wonderful. Next to Near Dark, they are my favorite interpretation of vampires in a film. That alone earns this movie a spot on my list.


And to cap off my list of the decade...A ZOMBIE FILM! A fantastic zombie film at that! Zombieland may not be as good as Shaun of the Dead in my eyes but if definitely comes in a close second. This movie isn't so much about the zombies, but about the journey and growing each character takes. Not to mention, Woody Harrelson steals the show as Tallahassee. His performance is worth the ticket price alone.

So that's it! The list is done! Huzzah!

Of course, while researching my list I came to the crashing conclusion that I have missed out on a lot of great films out there. So I've made yet ANOTHER list so I can attempt to catch up on the great films that came out. I still need to see Grace, Dead Girl, The Orphanage, My Name is Bruce and TONS of other films.

Until then, folks, happy New Year! We'll see you in 2010!

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Nojh said...

Those eyes! I fell in love with those eyes. Everytime I think of those eyes ... I need to go buy Sarah's CDs. Hold on.

I really really liked Zombieland. And Drag me to hell for completely different reasons.

These others I've never seen but they are now going on my list!

Happy New Year everybody!