Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad Acting!

So its apparently Monsoon season here on the west coast. And do you know what I like to do on cold stormy days? I like to surf youtube and watch horrifically bad scenes from horror films.

Yes, whenever I am down or things feel gloomy,shitty acting always brightens my day....not that the gloomy weather is depressing me. I actually love it. I'm just looking for an excuse to watch some schlock.

AND I'm going to share it with you! WOOO!

Here are some of my favorite bad scenes from crappy horror films:

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 -Garbage Day!
We all know this one...It never ceases to baffle the hell out of me.

Someone needs to give this kid an Oscar. Not only for his fine line delivery but also for how he doesn't even seem to realize there's a GIANT FLY on his forehead. That's real folks....Real.

Shark Attack 3 - I'm really wired..
Seriously...this WORKED? His cock must be huge.

The Wicker Man - Bear Suit Boxing. is pure awesome.

Grotesque - ACTING!!
I have no idea if this movie was a horror film. I assumed so because of the title and it has Linda Blair in it. Regardless, this clip has some of the best...and I mean THE BEST scenery chewing I have ever scene. You can see the veins popping out on the lead thug's neck. He looks like one of those squeezy stress toys every time he speaks. BEAUTIFUL!

And there it is...ENJOY!

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Stac said...

Man, Troll 2. I have tried repeatedly, and I simply cannot rewatch it. Me. I OWN Ghoulies 4! Troll 2 is THAT bad.

You know, one of the movies listed was for Alien Apocalypse, a movie that I must confess to loving. I want a copy of it, seriously.