Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keepin' Ya'll in the Loop!

In case anyone is wondering what the hell is going on...

The last two posts are referring to this one right here. Stac and I decided to challenge each other to watch more movies. And for an added touch of spice, we're assigning each other a film. I figure it will probably work like this:

  • We declare a theme and toss out a film
  • Watch said film with certain things too look for (theme, Easter eggs, how to watch it)
  • We review said film on the blog
  • Hilarity ensues

If anything, this will keep us busy for a while, not to mention introduce us both to movies we have not seen. This week I beat Stac to the punch and declared it black and white week...If Stac beats me to the punch next week then she gets to call the theme.

This is all pretty much a big elaborate way for Stac and I to both post more and to fuck with each other. We will still post our random weird articles of course, but hopefully this will shake things up a bit.

Either way, I hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

Nojh said...

So when do we get to suggest movies? (Actually I think you already asked but it seemed an appropriate comment). I suggest this one (assume you can find a subtitled or dubbed version).