Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Recap and One Creepy Question

I am a bad blogger. Absolutely rotten. I had almost a month off, and what did I do? Absolutely nothing, that's what, and it was GLORIOUS. Actually, that's not true; I reread Peter Straub's Ghost Story, one of the best books of the supernatural ever written, in my humble opinion, and played My Sims on my DS.

I also, for the first time ever, drank in the new year, and got my first piercing since my earlobes. Getting my ears pierced was my fifth birthday present, so for Christmas this year one of my nieces paid to get my conch pierced! I felt pretty fuckin' hardcore, I must confess. Nothing scarier than a 32 year old with delusions, huh?

Now for the creepy question! When I was very small I caught part of a program that my parents watched pretty regularly, I think. This I assume was the Halloween episode, and there was someone murdering patients at a hospital. At one point a nurse was giving a suspicious patient something in a prescription bottle; it was revealed to be jelly beans (that right there would have been proof of guilt in my opinion-- this was years before Jelly Belly, and all other forms of jelly beans are terrible). At some point the good guys go to consult some psychic woman who, for some damn reason, used a puppet as her medium of communication. This whole scene was SO UPSETTING. The puppet looks in recollection like a mash up of Madam and Miss Piggy.








At some point during the questioning the puppet thing flips OUT and its eyes start to glow and the lights go out. Eventually the killer is caught after trying to kill someone by strapping their arms down and putting an air bubble in the patient's IV drip.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'd really like to put a name to this horror, and watch it again, so any help you can give me with the my brain worms would be most appreciated! Tell us any answers you have, or just about how your holiday was, if so inclined!


Cins said...

I'm just going to assume you're on crack and imagined the whole thing...because if I don't, I will probably go Mad.

Stac said...

Cins, it was seriously one of the most upsetting things of my young memory, and I'm including walking in on my parents having sex on that list. It gave an already nervous child one more reason to be afraid of the dark.