Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool Shit Alert, Cue Up the Claxon!

Whilst link jumping, I happened across a new blog: Zombies and Toys, tying together two of my favorite things! I quickly added it to my watch list and our linkage, and hile exploring came across the latest thing I absolutely MUST have, right now: Customizable, creepy little vinyl skulls, from SkullyBoom! How AWESOME are those? The greenish ones are even glow in the dark! And since I also play with customizable, creepy little vinyl dolls, this is a marriage made in, uh, Washington!

I shall definitely add this to the must-have list! I already have ideas in mind!

But even COOLER is their other offering:

Come to Momma!

These are SPEAKERS for your iPod/ MP3 player of choice! An awesome little skull speaker, with which to play my delightfully morbid musical leanings? Yes. Yes I think so! Come paycheck, one of those darlings is MINE!

Go on over to and give their offerings a look! I dunno 'bout you all, but I think I'm already in love!


Nojh said...

Wow. Either my brain is fried or I totally don't get this...

I think both.

Stac said...

Basically one of them is a semi- customizable speaker for your iPod.

The other is a fully customizable vinyl skull that serves no other purpose than to be cool.

I want both.

Better? :)