Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creepy Kitch's First Screener!

Yes...the blog has arrived, folks! Because Creepy Kitch was sent its first movie screener!
Well okay this really is all due to the awesomeness of Johnny from Freddy In Space who tossed my address to the film makers. But still, I feel special now. And a special feeling Cins is a happy Cins. And a happy Cins means no human sacrifices tonight in the village!

Anyways, I was sent a rather impressive looking package for the movie Evil Things. A great cover letter from the "FBI" and a spiffy looking DVD as well. I dashed over to the website and took a look at the trailer. I believe this movie may be right up my alley. It looks like a great slasher shakey cam film...and I am a HUGE sucker for a shakey cam film.
So take a look at the website and check out the trailer! I hopefully will be posting a review of this sucker this week so keep an eye out!
Until then, I'm going to bask in the idea that someone felt Creepy Kitch was important enough to send a screener to.
Pardon me, I'm off to preen.


Stac said...

Lemme know how it is!

How do we go about getting more screeners? Any idea?

Nojh said...

Totally awesome! Its like you two are becoming.. legitimate, or something. Heh.