Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"A.D." Animated Zombie Trailer! I do believe I just wet 'em in GLEE!

YES I am a posting whore today.

Okay folks, THIS is awesome shit!
The hubby pointed this out to me. Apparently its a teaser trailer for a computer animated zombie flick that is looking for backing. This looks AWESOME!!!

I found a little more info on the film here at
And this follow up, too!

Anyone out there have further info perhaps? I must know!
Oh MAN I hope they make this movie!


Stac said...

So is it just looking for distribution or is it trying to get made still? I'm too lazy to click the link currently.

Cins said... lazy biotch.;)

What what I Gathered its a film that is still being made and is looking for backing. I believe they made the trailer to entice people into giving them money to fully realize the film.
But keep in mind I read both links high on Nyquil so you may want to explore them.

Nojh said...

Okay that loots awesome. I totally want to see the full version of that!

I also took a look at Codehunters, which is related in some way. The guy apparently makes a lot of cool short films.

Anonymous said...

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