Monday, February 15, 2010


This time the challenge shall be something near and dear to my heart: Opulent horror. High camp, lush colors, bizarre stories! The circus of the bizarre, in effect!

Cins, you are challenged to watch: The Abominable Doctor Phibes, starring my true love, Vincent Price as the good doctor. You can watch with friends, get drunk, drop acid, stab a hooker, whatever you think will enhance the viewing. But you are charged to look at it from an artists eyes: the sets and costumes in this movie are gorgeous, and the composition is very masterfully done. So outside of the strange and delightfully silly deaths (death by rat in airplane, for example), you must also look at the aspects of the film that show that A. Vincent Price really was an effing GIFT to the horror community, and B. This really is a beautiful movie to watch.

I predict you shall enjoy!

Best tag line ever! I want this as a poster for in my home. I will put it in the guest room next to a mirror as a pointed commentary. Why? Because. I'm horrible.


James said...

Agreed! Best tag line ever. Some of the sets and production design in this were just astoundingly beautiful and OTT. The sequel is no different. Great music too.

Stac said...

James: I'm kicking myself; I got this on dvd and then about a week later saw the first AND second movie bundled together for the same price. DENIED!

It's honestly an art film in my eyes; gorgeous all around!