Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monsters Vs Madmen...A TIE! YET AGAIN!

Its a Tie...and I am stunned.


There are more Marlow fans out there than I realized.

But as we know, in Creepy Kitch land, much like in Highlander, there can be only one.

So we're on to the tie breaker round!

Severen vs Marlow! The first one to get three votes is the winner of this round and will move on to the main arena of carnage.

So let make this a cage match!


Nojh said...

Okay obviously we're going to have to get picky here. Lets compare their mug shots.

Severen: Got the bloody biker look thing down. Shotgun. Glasses. And creepy shit-eating grin. I walk into that bar I know some shit is up without even having to smell it and I'm walking right out. Backwards. That being said I think I see some red flannel under that leather jacket? So now we have a redneck biker with a shotgun. Now I'm a little less afraid for myself and more for the cows in the area.

Marlow: Definitely has the bloody thing going on but goes for a more "I'm respectable yet casual" style. Points for originality. No obvious weapons but OMFS look at those teeth! And those eyes! I'm not just backing away I'm running the hell of dodge. That being said the seemingly receding hairline does little to help the "I'm a monster here to eat you" vibe.

Again its a tough choice. But I'm still seeing the Marlow and the scarier dude.

Matthew said...

Marlow. I haven't voted yet, so hopefully my first will help break the tie. Marlow made 30 Days of Night.

The sequel will suffer without him, unless they can create a character anywhere near as frightening.

Kayla said...


Cins said...

And the Tie Breaker is DONE!!

Marlow FTW!!

Nojh said...

Poor Hudson...