Saturday, February 27, 2010


Everyone wish Cins a happy birthday today!

Happy birthday to the coolest, weirdest, best cohort a person could be gifted with-- If I ever need to hide a body, I have faith that you'll know the perfect place to plant it! Here's to graveyards, homoerotic subtext in horror sequels, scaring the piss out of each other, scaring fanboys and getting in a fight at Disneyland!

You're the best, oh sister-drag queen!

All choking is done purely out of love!


Anonymous said...

Happy BOO-thday, Cindy!

(Yeah, I know. Not the best pun I've ever made.) :D

Cins said...

Aww thanks Baby! I LOVES YOU TOO!

Stac said...

I just realized.. that's Nazi me above Nazi Ian McKellen.

Too much Nazi. I feel gross.