Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raunchy AND Offensive, You Say??

I am, as of this writing, elbow deep in the cultural asshole of Kievan Rus'. That's a PROFOUNDLY offensive way to say I'm in the middle of a research paper on the Rurik invitation myth of the founding of Rus' (which became Russia). Contrary to how I worded it, I actually find this fascinating and a sure fire way to make my friends run screaming from me. What can I say; I like to learn, and frequently foist that same info off on friends. Not my problem if they don't want to hear it!

And THAT is a very long-winded way to say I'm supposed to be writing a paper and have decided to post this instead. I know we have female readers, and I wanted to give them a heads up-- or hey, even the guy readers! Sometimes boys need to feel pretty, too. I have discovered a TRULY awesome makeup line called Sweet Libertine. Not only is it made and sold by the same person, it's really great mineral stuff, frequently marvelously sparkly!

Until midnight tonight, there is TRULY offensive line called "XXX", and the titles are fabulously filthy! I myself have purchased "Sex in Chryslers", "Back Door Sluts v. 12", and as of a few minutes ago, "Sparklecunt". These colors go away COMPLETELY tonight, so snag them while you can!!

If you're not able to indulge your truly foul-mouthed self with that line, check out the other offerings at Sweet Libertine . I know that I personally like to indulge in harmless drama: imagine the fun of being able to tell a horror icon at a con that you're wearing Muff Diver on your lids? That fucker'll never ask a fan a question again! Come and join us-- scar the world with your BEAUTY!

This one's called "Crotchless Panties".


Cins said...

I'm just happe we now have a tag labled sparklecunt on our blog now.

Stac said...

In about a week we'll have a blogger with sparklecunt on her eyelids, too!

I hope we get some hard core, confused-ass porn seekers with those tags!