Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Okay folks.
I want to issue a BIG HUGE apology to our SAW contest winners who won prints and sketches. Because I have been dragging my ass HARD CORE about getting your prizes in the mail.
I totally suck, guys. No doubt about it and no other excuse.
The prints and sketches will be going out TOMORROW. SUPER PROMISE!! And some extra stuff too because I suck and I want to make it up to you guys for being readers and for also being SUPER patient and not even bugging me about it at all.
If it wasn't for Matthew's gentle poke I got this evening I'd still be not at the damn post office.
SO yes, I suck. You guys rule.

As a bonus..Matthew! This is your prize which is wining it way to you this weekend! I really hope you like it!


Stac said...

Ans then Pinhead punched him and hollered "WE HAVE SUCH SIIGHTS TO SHOOW YOOU!"

I might be a tad punchy.

Cins said...

A bit...abit..

Matthew said...

Couldn't ask for a better prize. Love it (though it hasn't arrived yet) :D

Hope you do decide to hold more contests someday.