Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yeah, we've both been on the quiet side on the blog. But we have a GOOD reason!
We have been in preparation...

Next week Stac comes to my neck of the woods for our annual but not really annual Cins and Stac convergence!

Last Known Photo

So this means we'll be in the same state for a while sharing the same air,eating the same food, setting the same people on fire. You know, the usual things girls do when they get together.

Including wacky hat montages!

So the two of us will be spending a week together here in Sunny So Cal and probably documenting the whole terrifying experience. Some of our events may include:
  • The Local Ghosts and Gravestone Tour (But it IS tradition that this never happens).
  • Drunken horror movie marathons.
  • Calling the Cadaver Lab Voice mail to harass Mike and Sam.
  • And the traditional trip to Disneyland were we try not to punch anyone on Pirates of the matter how much they deserve it.
  • Creeping out Cins' husband with those whacked out anatomically correct Japanese Dolls.
  • The drinking of Lake Margarita!
  • Humiliating photographs!

Its kinda like this...but with horror films.

And Much Much More!!

Or we may get drunk a lot and sleep.
We also want to give a big Thank you to Johnny from Freddy In Space for sending us a movie I'm SURE we will enjoy watching. I am saving this movie for this visit! Johnny you're a saint and an instigator! We appreciate your contribution.

"But does it come in Pink?"

So for those of you who enjoy our wacky shenanigans, stay tuned to our blog! We're hoping to post while we're together. To those who fear this? Well you best go to your local grocery store and stock up on bottled water and canned goods.

Convergence is at hand!


Zacery Nova said...

Too funny :D

I await the new blog posts with anticipation!

Stac said...

We're probably going to get arrested this time around. It seems inevitable.

Pink?! Are you KIDDING me? RED! RED!

I watched Return to House on Haunted Hill. It was pretty bad, details later!

Bevin said...

I can't wait to see photos from your continuing adventures. Will you just cut out the middle man and set Lake Margarita on fire? Who can tell when you wacky broads get together!

BonesawLtd said...

We didn't get nearly as many harassing phone calls as I was hoping... However we did get one helluva doozy from Stac... which I must thank her for immensely... Can't wait to spring that on Sam!

Cins said...

Bonesaw>>Unfortunately we were a bit too busy (aka drunk) and never made it to a phone. Ah yes, I did hear stories of the recent voice mail. Stac txt me in evil glee about it.
See, that's why you keep us around...for the lols.;)