Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your Pain Delights Me.

Sadly, I have returned from San Diego. I am no wiser, but I AM significantly browner, and my life was changed, changed forever by the glory of...


I also got to inflict not one, but TWO absolutely terrible movies on Cins AND Tanya, who's not even a horror fan. She was just there for the booty. Part of that might be a lie. It was payback for REC, which scared me SO. VERY. BADLY. SO I got her to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street part 2, which we have dubbed Freddy's House of Angry Penetration, and That is One Angry Homo, a line compliments of the Death Race remake. Which I loved. And will probably own.


Seeing the looks on Tanya's and Cins' faces may be something that warms my black, withered heart for the rest if my days. Especially after the coach was pelted by balls and then butt-whipped then penetrated to death by Freddy. Dear GRACE I love this movie! Both turned on ME for an explanation, like there was one to even remotely be had, and that I would magically be the one to have it. The confusion is part of the fun!

Then I made them watch Ghoulies 4, a movie that I fuckin' LOVE. I am ALONE in my love however, and Cins was disturbed when I admitted that I found the lead actor attractive. I regret nothing! That DVD cost me a whopping $2.50, and Tanya believes I was over-charged. I informed her that she was a philistine with no appreciation for truly fine cheese. We agreed to disagree (but she's still wrong).

We also visited a cemetery in Old Town and got some interesting experiences from that, but that'll probably be a post all on it's own. It was really strange, and oddly touching, in a weird way.

We (meaning I) also got plowed at Baja Betty's, a wonderful local restaurant/ watering hole, and created, amongst other horrors, an air-tight duck. Think real hard about what that means.

Over all it was an excellent trip, and I got to see some of my favorite people! I also got exposed by the ocean, repeatedly, and FINALLY got to go on the Tower of Terror ride at California Adventures!

We also had a great time telling spooky stories we had either heard or experienced, and Tanya and I tromped all over Cins and Max's neighborhood. There were a lot of Tom of Finland books in local shops. We giggled.

... EQUINOX!!!!


Zacery Nova said...

The Death Race remake is brilliant! I made my parents watch it, making sure it was the unrated version...lots of awkward moments, for sure.

Stac said...

Zac: I enjoyed that WAAAAAAY more than I thought I would, and laughed my ass off watching that. A grand time was had by all!

Johnny said...

You guys were both in San Diego and didn't head over to Comic Con?! Shame on you!

Stac said...

Johnny: We would have, but you have to pre-buy tickets waaaay in advance now; they don't sell 'em at the door anymore. We've gone in the past, but this year it just didn't happen. In fact one year we even cosplayed. It was epic.

Cins said...

Zac>>Death Race IS Love! That movie is 10 pounds of awesome in a 5 pound awesome capacity bag!

Johnny>>Yeah, Unfortunately SDCC sold out by the time Stac and I hashed out a date for her to visit. Its so popular you can't buy tickets at the door anymore. ARG! But next year one of us will be there and getting some coverage!
And Stac is right. We DID cosplay one year as the female versions of Indiana Jones characters. Stac made a very awsome Toht.

Stac> Sitting through Ghoulies 4 and Elm Street 2 was WORTH IT just to see how tramatized you were by the end of [REC]. I regret nothing!!!! MWAH HAHAHAHAA!!

Johnny said...

Ah, well then I take back my 'shame on you'! I'm hoping to make it out there next year too, but we shall see if that happens.

Stac said...

Johnny: If you do, be sure to shoot us a line; Cins and I can take you to Baja Betty's and get you hit on by all the pretty, pretty gay boys. >XD

Cins said...

Johnny/Stac> ...I'm currently imagining the terror that would be inflicted on my city if all three of us were let lose in comic con.

Johnny! Dude! if you go to SDCC we're taking you and your lady's butts drinkin' at Baja Betty's!