Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monsters Vs Madmen, FINALLY!

How bad have I been keeping up with this?

Reguardless, the results are in for the last round of Monster's Vs Madmen.
It was close. VERY Close but the ending made me sad.

For The Tall Man is Dead...beaten to death by a 10 year old.

Samara has won our first Championship! She will sit in the wings now to compete with the big Boys.

And speaking of which, we're bringing the BIG GUNS.

This fight shall be Epic...EPIC!! For we have two of Clive Barker's best bastards going head to head this time.

Candyman from Candyman


Pinhead from Hellraiser

Two wonderful Grotesque yet oddly sexy badasses fight to the death!

Here they are in action.

Candyman shows us the seductive power of bees. Nicolas Cage, pay close attention.

And here Pinhead and his pals drop in toe say hello to their new friend.

The winner will be announced sometime next week.

3 -2 -1 FIGHT!!!


Stac said...

Hmm.. this is a hard one! In terms of just sheer viciousness I'll say Pinhead, but Candyman is a ghost; how do you kill what's dead? Both have hooks and minions..

I'm gonna say Pinhead can't actually get to Candyman, and exhausts himself, leaving Candyman the winner, but only by default.

Nojh said...

Wow! Now this is a matchup!

Ya know I've never seen either movie but both of those clips make me want to see 'em both.

So lets see. We got this Candyman character. Defintely a smooth talker. He can seduce a woman even after she was intent on stabbing him. Now that is skill. Hell he can seduce a woman while telling her that he is going to kill her AND take away a baby.

Baby fetish though, thats kinda weird.

Pinhead on the other hand has the style. Okay not your typical style but he and his hommies definitely coordinate their wardrobes and they know how to make an entrance for maximum 'oh I shit my pants' effect.

Candyman has the bees, which I gotta admit definitely created some cringing. Talk about kiss of death. More like bee-face-sucking of deathdoom. Even the sound of him kissing made me cringe.

Pinhead on the other hand is so damn confident he doesn't even need to display his powers. He just out right tells you, your soul his is.

Nice to know they're both willing to deal and wheel though. I kill you, you're baby is okay. I give you the guy who escaped, maybe you won't rend my soul to pieces? Sounds like Pinhead has the better negotiation skills though.

So in a head to head confrontation, Pinhead has the peeps and soul rending capabilities. Candyman can play dead, summon bees, and seduce women. So we know Pinhead can be tricked into thinking someone is dead, so Candyman has a serious advantage there. Plus one of Pinhead's peeps looks kinda female. So he might be able to steal some support. There is also a chance lip-less is female too (can't really be sure). That would put it 3 to 2, but for now we'll say lip-less is androgenous and too hidious for Candyman to try for anyway.

So Pinhead and 2 goons vs Candyman and one female demon/angel/leather fetish person, and bees. Man this is a tought choice. But I'm pretty much gana assume Candyman doesn't have a soul to rend. And while I'm sure Pinhead has other tricks up his sleeve, including massive amounts of torture knowledge and probably a few supernatural tricks, Candyman can still play dead. Especially with his ribcage exposed like that.

So with grudging respect, I give it to Candyman.

Stac said...

Nojh, you are fucking AWESOME. :)

Nojh said...

*bows* Thank you. Thank you. I'd like to thank my 6th English teacher, the academy, and Cins, of course, for providing such an awesome match up. ;)

niebuck said...

You can't reap what is undead and basically a ghost.

Candyman wins this one

zombiestomper said...

Pinhead wins. He's the lord of hell. A ghost is still a soul. Pinhead will take him down and kill all his bees.

Johnny said...

Like Stac said, this is a hard one. But after much deliberation, i'm gonna have to side with Pinhead.

Soap Magic said...

Candyman wins, for the reasons that people have already said.