Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I Drew Some Things. BAD Things.

As I have mentioned several times, I saw [REC] at Cins' place last week, and it scrambled my terror receptors in ways that have yet to repair themselves. This post will contain SPOILERS for the Spanish horror movie [REC]. Rec is the original version of the movie that Quarantine was based off of, so this is also spoilers for Quarantine.

The movie is perfection, pure and simple, from the start with no credits, making it seem more like watching some random person's footage, to the fact that we never see Pablo's face, in essence making us Pablo, this was in my opinion the perfectly crafted horror movie. I spent most of the movie curled up in the corner of Cins' couch, hands over my face, making whimpering noises and imploring the cast to NOT DO THAT, much to Cins and Tanya's amusement. Bitches.

The zombies in this movie are fascinating and terrifying, a mesh up of the common zombie traits of current pop culture. They're fast, but no faster than they would have been before changing, and they can be killed in most of the traumatic ways that would kill a human. One is choked to death, another has its neck snapped, etc. I also loved that the change was unpredictable; the first two victims took some time, yet Guillim changed almost instantly. That the government only knew that speed varied by blood type was a great touch that lent this idea a scary reality.

But what scared me the most.. was the end. That thing in the attic; loose, wasted, looking for food. With a hammer in hand. Holy God, I have only been that scared before on a small handful of times in my entire life. The wrongness, the way it moved, the thought that something like that had been lurking for twenty years was all paralyzing.

So I drew it.

Background's sloppy at best, and the detail's a little washed, but over all, I think it came out well. Just pencil on sketch paper with a small tooth to it.

This one's done in charcoal and white conte crayon on the same paper as above. Unfortunately I lost some of the clarity when I matte sprayed the charcoal. That's what I get for using AquaNet, I guess.

Welcome to my nightmares.


Zacery Nova said...

You are, like, really good at drawing!

Stac said...

Thanks, Zac! All artists are attention whores. Remember that and you'll do well with them. ;D

Nojh said...

Okay well pooie. You started describing the movie and I suddenly decided I really need to see it. A perfect zombie film??? How can I resist.

But I did peek at the pictures. They're awesome!

Cins said...

Nojh--Unfortunately REC isn't available on DVD in the US yet. Though I did hear that Quarentine is a good remake. I haven't seen it though. You CAN find REC on Yahoo video. That's where I saw it first.

Stac--I'm glad to see how deeply I scarred your psyche.;)

Stac said...

Nojh: I think you can also find it via Google video, if memory serves?

Cins: I'm gonna prop these pics up on your pillow while you sleep, next time I see you.

Kayla said...

Uhm, question. Would this be a bad movie to watch while babysitting alone? ^^

Stac said...

Kayla: Depends. Do you freak out easily? If it were me, there is no way in HELL I would watch it alone; I found the experience one of the most terrifying movies I've seen in a long, looong time.

In short, I wouldn't recommend it.

Johnny said...

Cins, REC came out on DVD in the US July 14th!

Love the drawings, by the way!

Cins said...

Johnny>>It finally came out in the US? ROCK ON! Any good special features that you know of?