Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Convergence has begun! began about two days ago but STILL!

And the horror began. Right in our living room! We found a great DVD on Netflix instant cue called Cheesy Horror Movie Trailers. Its about an hour long and its nothing but trailers from the 50's up to the 80's. Now it does contain some classic movies such as the original Friday the 13th (I will admit, that trailer is kinda shitty), Blacula, and The Fearless Vampire Killers but the majority of the trailers are really REALLY God awful and insanely laughable. And you don't even have to sit through the whole movie! Just the hilarious parts!

Stac and I made a list of ones we want..nay... NEED to see:
  • Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde
  • Berserk -staring MS JOAN CRAWFORD! In some sort of circus setting.
  • Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman...where humping someone into submission IS a valid form of self defense.
  • Abby -the Blaxplotation version of The Exorcist..nuff said.
  • Sugar Hill -Blaxplotation zombie movie with some of the best looking Afros EVAR.
  • The Sinful Dwarf...I kid you not. The movie is named The Sinful Dwarf. I repeat....The Sinful DWARF.... I NEED to see a movie called The Sinful Dwarf!! This is my purpose in life, damnit!

Hopefully Stac will Edit this entry to add the ones I'm missing. But those are the ones that stand out in my mind. This is mostly due to the soda I laughed out through my nose while watching them.
Anyways, The Convergence Begins! We will update from time to time with nonsense during the week. Until then, CHEERS!

Edit by Stac: You forgot EQUINOX!, the movie about nothing and everything, apparently, and TERROR! Starring Herve Villachaize as the tiny VooDoo monster, or whatever he was supposed to be. And yes, you DO need to see The Abominable Dr. Phibes, woman!


Johnny said...

Haha I just got sent The Sinful Dwarf from Severin Films two days ago!!! Can't wait to check it out, looks like perhaps the best movie ever made.

Cins said...

Johnny>> OMG! I MUST read a review! I need a full report of this movie!

Johnny said...

It will come soon enough!

niebuck said...

you need to check into a DVD series called 42nd Street forever. It's Grindhouse trailers. It's hysterical.

Tower Farm said...

Abby and Berserk! are two of the greats. You will LOVE them!

Cins said...

*L* I KNEW I forgot a couple! Sorry, the insanity of The Sinful Dwarf apparently fried my entire brain and that all I could remember.


Robokatt12 said...

"Berserk" is one that I highly recommend, lots of campy quotability on behalf of Ms. Crawford. Have you seen "Trog"? That's another must-see from the Joan catalog.
I rented that disc about a month ago and really enjoyed it, much like the "Something Weird" sampler.

Cins said...

Robokatt>>If there is one thing I love, its crazy cheesy movies. I heard of Trog...though honestly anything with Joan Crawford chewing the scenery is Aces in my book.

Robokatt12 said...

Why can't I have friends like YOU?