Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Minutes of Terror: Jaws. And A Bonus material!

Hey All!
Thanks again for sticking with us during this busy time.
We'll make it worth your while!
For example, we'll have to following reviews coming up from me.
Frankenhooker, Happiness of the Katakuris, Terror Firmer, and Habit
And a special live blog/joint review of Blood Feast 2 All U Can Eat by Stac and myself. Oh the hilarity! Oh the many "eating out" jokes to be had!
You know you want to stay tuned for our cude mouths.

Until Then we have 10 minutes of Terror!!!!

Okay so I wanted to focus on Jaws. Yeah yeah I know. We've all seen Jaws numerous times. Its become a cliche and I'm sure we can quote large sections from it.
But come on, admit it. You all pissed your pants as much as I did when you saw that first scene with the girl in the ocean and the screaming and the panting and freaking out and the wa wa wa ADMIT IT!
Despite the fact that Jaws has become completely mundane, at the time, that movie was insanely scary. Spielberg was at his finest in suspense and no frills film making. It still stands as one of my favorite scary movies of all time.
And you think such a classic film opening would be EASY TO FIND ON YOUTUBE!!!
I could not find a decent looking version of that scene at all. So instead I bring this this loving re-enactment I found instead.

I find that a little bit creepier than the original.

Also, as a bonus, I found out one of my all time favorite zombie movies [REC] is coming out with a sequel! Oh happy day! The teaser trailer is out and is only nine seconds. But its an awesome nine seconds.
Check it out!

And to end this post, here's a zombie eating a shark from the movie Zombie. I love the Italians.


Johnny said...

I'm continually surprised at all of the amazing horror clips that are not available on YouTube. Ive been forced to upload most of the clips on my blog myself :(

BonesawLtd said...

I know that this post was for Jaws, but I love the shark/zombie scene in Zombi 2.

This scene throws the running/shambling argument on it's ass. What about swimming/underwater zombies? That guy was nimble for a member of the undead.

Stac said...

I need to see Zombie, and for that scene exactly. Bevin's gonna kill me for it, too! XD

Jaws scared the HELL out of me when I was younger. I remember getting creeped out in the public wading pool at a local park thinking about Jaws. I was surrounded by kids and unable to actually swim if I wanted to, but I still had to go sit on the concrete for a little bit. So the local 40 year old perv could hit on me, but that's a different kind of terror. :p

I can also remember getting twitchy in the tub, thinking of the bit where the older guy in the black shirt gets his leg chomped off.

Seriously, why the hell did our parents let us watch stuff like this?!

George Aguirre said...

Interestingly enough, I was one of the few people not scared by jaws. It didn't keep me from going to the beach or from enjoying water. I don't know why, I'm usually scared of so many things.

I approve of this Italian film. The shark has gone on as a fearless predator with no real competitor on the food chain for long enough. It's about time he found a match: Italian guys dressed as death-metal rockers.

Metal Mikey said...

"Jaws" is a Suspence/Horror classic, no doubting that.

The "Rec 2" trailer made me lose a year from being creeped out. Thanks!

"Zombi 2" is epic for more than just the zombie/shark sequence, but if Fulci's zombies, some of the SLOWEST zombies ever on film, can swim that well, then there's a bit of a runner in every "living impaired" person.

Cins said...

Johnny>>Tell me about it. I'd do the same if i had any idea how to do it.

Bonesaw>>Well It was kinda for Jaws but that scene was too awesome to pass up on posting.
Nimble AND graceful! There needs to be some sort of zombie swim team next olypmics.

Stac>>We COULD rent it on your visit you know.;)

George>>Well it could be because its become so well known and cliche now that its not effective anymore. The movie doesn't scare me these days, but i love to watch it for nostalgia:)

M&M>>That teaser is pure insanity. It scared me out of my chair! I'm stoked to see it! And I'm wondering if any of the zombies in it will look familar.
And They may be slow, but my GOD they are BLOODY!!

Bavarian Circus said...

I know this is an old one(I'm reading the blog in reverse order, so sue me!) and normally I wouldn't comment for fear of disrupting the time stream or some mumbo jumbo like that, but I must say something about that Zombi scene. I don't know what it was--whether it was the movements in the water or the background music, but that looked less like two flesh-eaters attacking eachother and more like freaky Zombie-shark sex. Which brought on a new line of thinking entirely... Imagine the spawn of such an unholy union. O__o Half-human, half-shark Zombies. Holy. Shit.

Cins said...

BC>>I assure you, we are comment whores and have no problems with the comments coming after the fact;)

Zombie shark child...OMG...I want to sketch this...