Friday, January 30, 2009

Movies to Get Drunk By...

I'll admit it, I want to have a drunken Wicker Man party.
And not the original GOOD version. OH no no no. I want to use the new Nick Cage version.

Yes, this movie was god awful. The story went nowhere, the acting was melodramatic, and the scares were Nil. But I still want to have a drunken Wicker Man party.
Why? I think this little video will sum it up enough.

Three things: Bicycle, Bear Suit, and Karate kicking Leelee Sobieski.
If that isn't hilarious on its own sober then imagine the insanity after a few rum and cokes?

So lets open this to discussion folks. What god awful horror movie would you choose to watch completely wasted?

I'll be planning the drunken Wicker Man party for this summer. Just FYI...


Metal Mikey said...

Nick Cage puts Superman to shame in the dickery department. I nearly died laughing when he cold-cocked that one woman. LMAO

As for my choice, drunk or sober, when I want an enjoyable bad movie fix, the first thing I reach for is my beloved copy of "Burial Ground: Nights of Terror". I won't spoil a thing; just look it up, and see what I'm talking about. Heh!

Johnny said...

Story of Ricky is one of my favorite movies to get drunk and watch with friends. I'm not sure if it's a bad movie or if it's the best movie ever made, however.

One I watched recently that would kinda fall under this category would be My Name Is Bruce. I think that'd be best enjoyed (or perhaps only enjoyed) while drinking with fellow Bruce heads.