Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ghosts? Or Cocaine?

Courtney Love's Album Delayed By 'Paranormal Issues'

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Courtney Love's Album Delayed By 'Paranormal Issues'
January 5th, 2009 11:49am EST

Courtney Love has pushed back the release of her new album after ghostly
goings-on in the studio delayed the recording.

Nobody's Daughter, the follow-up to 2004's America's Sweetheart, was due
for release through the rocker's website on January 1. But it is now scheduled for next month after "paranormal" events forced the album's producer Michael Beinhorn to abandon the studio.

In a posting on her page, a representative for Love writes, "The studio that Courtney and her band were using to record had some paranormal technical issues and had to be moved from one studio to another studio right around the holidays due to some technical sound issues that Beinhorn, who is a master and a genius, was not happy with.

"The room was a paranormal issue; Courtney and crew could not hear between guitars. Sound and vocal mixings have to be completed still to perfection. If Courtney had it her way she would have the studios sound-checked first but it was originally use (sic) as a hip-hop rap studio so the acoustics were all f--ked up."

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I have no idea how valid this news source is, but since when is faulty equipment proof of ghostly goings on? I could make the obvious joke about who's doing the haunting here, but I choose not too. Instead I'll call everyone involved in this a dork.


Metal Mikey said...

I get the feeling even ghosts are going to be weirded out by Courtney Love. So I think the only "spirits" that have been interferring with the recording of the new album are the white powdery ones that somehow keep ending up Courtney's nostrils.

Cins said...

You know, I'm vaguely related to her.

Stac said...

Mikey: Yeah, I could definitely see her spooking the spooks. Someone on photoshopped her as a sausage. And strangely, the image really, really fits.

Cins: Get her to buy you a wedding present!

Cadaver Lab said...

I know I've been gone for a while and for that... I am truly sorry! Life gets to you, but you know that I'm still reading!!!

Anyhow, on this story, I'm guessing that it is actually paranormal. It's Kurt Cobain coming back from the afterlife to try to stop anymore abominations from Courtney from being released to the unsuspecting subjects.

Sorry to go all "hater" on her... but... I guess I just hate her :(

Stac said...

Well, to be honest, Mike, there's not a whole lot to her to love, at least her public persona.

And welcome back! It's lovely to see you again! :D