Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the Fuck was THAT?

I just finished watching one of the most cracked out films I've seen all month. And this is coming from someone who just watched Zombie Strippers and Frankenhooker.

The movie is called Bloody Mallory. And its French.
What the Hell is up with the French?!

I found this little gem on Hulu to keep me company while the hubby is out playing WarHammer 30k (For those wondering, he has an orc army). The movie is an insane campy romp full of demons, over acting, and drag queens. And its awesome.

The story revolves around a trio of supernatural commandos made up of an angry bitch named Mallory, her drag queen pal Vena Cava, and Talkie Tina the child mute telepath. They have to rescue the pope from demons. A priest pops up later to help from someplace. There's also a wacky vampire chick and a succubus who appears to have a giant clitorus on her head.
Everyone in this movie has fabulous hair and wears leather pants.

I do believe a group of Japanese drag queens wrote this movie because its almost like a life action anime...in french.
The costumes are ridiculous, the story is insane, and the acting is pretty lame. But my god its hilariously awesome!
This movie isn't a gore fest or even scary at all. But if you're looking for a good laugh and some great camp. Check it out.
Here's the movie right here. Enjoy!


Metal Mikey said...

"Bloody Mallory" actually turned out to be much more entertaining than I thought it would originally be. I'm SERIOUS! It's the completely out-there feel of the movie, and its characters, that just sucks you in. And at the very least, even if you hate it, you can still say it's MUCH better than "Bloodrayne"!

Cins said...

M&M>>Its almost like watching a train wreck...where the train crashes into a bus full of circus people.
I know! Theres something really alluring about this film. I could NOT stop watching it. Not only that, I really started to LIKE it near the end!