Monday, January 5, 2009

Fear Itself: New Years Day

Hola Peeps!
As Stac has said, life has gone a wee bit pear shaped on me but nothing I can't handle. So my entries will be brief until a couple things are fixed and a few skulls are crushed in the wake of my wrath. No need to fear for the husband. He helps hide the bodies.

Stac's freaky stories have been reminding me of the few weird ones that have happened to me. Unfortunately they're not half as entertaining as Stac's and probably double in the curse words. Perhaps I will share sometimes?

Anyways I just thought I'd share a little goodie that was suggested to me by my co-worker. My co-worker is a fellow horror fan and he consumes media and an uncanny rate. Seriously. I don't think the guy sleeps. I think he stays up all night and watches horror films, probably three at a time. He pointed me in the direction of a show called Fear Itself.
Has anyone heard of this show? Because I sure as Hell haven't. Its a horror anthology show on NBC much like the Masters of Horror series only made for network TV. This could be both good AND bad.
My co-worker said he found one episode pretty damn good. Its titled New Years Day and its directed by Daren Lynn Bousman who also directed Saw II and Saw III.
New Years Day is short film about zombies and its not half bad. I found myself extremely interested in the story. Since I can't embed the video here's the link to it.


Check it out! Its not a bad watch. And the ending is...bizarrely a horridly twisted way.

Back soon with stuff!


Johnny said...

I didn't like Fear Itself at all although New Year's Day was probably the best episode of them all. And I didn't even really like that one! Aside from that, they're all pretty awful.

Metal Mikey said...

I've heard a lot of mostly negative word-of-mouth about "Fear Itself". Maybe the only episode I REALLY heard generally positive stuff about was the one about the Wendigo, starring Doug Jones. (But maybe it's so highly regarded BECAUSE of Doug Jones.)

Stac said...

I saw that episode of Fear Itself. I thought it was an interesting concept (and I agree with you Cins, the ending was oddly sweet and DEFINITELY satisfying) but the actual carry through was full of holes. I don't get why she's not eating everyone in sight if she's been a zombie the whole time, and I thought most of the actual "zombie acting" was pretty silly looking. I definitely plan to see "Wendigo", however; I've heard that one was really good.

And SHARE THE DAMN STORIES, WOMAN! We are SO swapping spooky tales next time we go to DidneyLan'.

Johnny said...

Whoa my bad! The one with Doug Jones was the best one of all! Totally forgot about that one. Watch that one and stay away from the others.

Cins said...

Johnny>> I never heard of it. And well, there's always all sorts of problems trying to bring horror to netowrk TV. I'm not suprised the thing was lack luster. *L* I did enjoy New years Eve. Not OMG WOW! But It kept me entertained.

M&M>>I really want to see Wendiong. Thats the other ep that my co-worker recomended to me. That and I have a love for Doug Jones.
I still think he should be the new Freddy if they ever make the remake. *L*

Stac>>Oh yeah, PLOT HOLES GALORE! And the zombie acting and moaning was more along the lines of porn. I'll hunt down Wendingo and post it when I find it.
And I will, Woman! Sheesh! The problem is my stories are so friggin short and anti-climatic! Its like really bad sexy with a really hot guy. "Oh wow! I...oh..that's it?...huh"
But yes, many a story shall be swaped;)