Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 minutes of Terror: Ghost Ship

Woo hoo! Come spend another 10 Minutes of Terror with me, won't you?

This weeks 10 minutes come from Dark Castle Productions; Ghost Ship.

Okay...has anyone really seen this movie? Like, the WHOLE movie?

because I have...and its kind of crappy.

Its an interesting concept. A haunted ship that's collecting souls, a plucky young woman trying to get to the bottom of things, and a creepy looking little ghost kid which are all the things I would enjoy in a horror film. Alas, it wasn't executed very well. And honestly, I think Event Horizon did it better with the whole haunted ship/stealing souls thing.

But Event Horizon is another article for another time.

Regardless of me thinking the meat of the film is mildly entertaining at best, it's saved from being completely written off because it has one of the most surprisingly awesome opening scenes I've seen in a B horror film.

Here's the clip. It takes a while to set it up, but once it happens, you'll gasp...or laugh. Or Both! Either way, its surprising.

Okay, did you see THAT?!


I have to hand it to the Dark Castle people, what their movies lack in scares they make up for in creative clown gore. When I watched the special features on the Ghost Ship DVD they discussed this scene at great length. What the film makers wanted to do was to top the "half a lawyer" gag that had such a huge reaction in 13 Ghosts. So instead cutting one poor guy in half, they cut...well...50 people in half. The scene has a nice tempo and build up to something completely unexpected. What I thought was an interesting touch was how the little girl was spared because of her height, which made that moment of the captain's head sliding off its jaw all the more horrifying. Though I do think the best moment is the expression on everyone's faces right after the wire snapped.

Stac and I first saw this film together with our friend Bevin on one of our Blockbuster Video romps. It was a new release and with weren't expecting much from it. I do believe we replayed that opening about four times, each time ending with us squealing in girlish glee and clapping our petite pink nail polished hands together after the captain's head fell off. I later showed this to a friend of mine, and he as well squealed in girlish glee...I mean manly intense glee.
... he reads this blog.
It seems whoever I've shown that scene to, it usually ends with the words "EEE! Oh My God! That was awesome! Rewind that! EEE!" The second EEE being optional.

Unfortunately this is probably the best moment in the movie. There is a gleeful murder montage near the end of the film which reveals a bit of a twist. And while that is interesting to watch it really pales in comparison to the opening scene.

Do I think Ghost Ship is worth looking at? Well, its not horrible. At moments its kind of fun and campy and I think its worth the watch if you're looking for just a fun movie with little scares and lots of flashy camera tricks. But if that's not your thing, you just saw what I consider the best part right here.


Stac said...

I thik this still goes down with personal enjoyment as one of my favorite kill scenes in the whole of ever.

You know, Bevin *still* shudders when I mention this movie. Plus, do you remember she put that brick in front of your door the night we watched this?

And what manly man squealed daintily? I MUST KNOW!

Johnny said...

Probably the greatest opening to a bad movie ever

Metal Mikey said...

Count this "manly man" in for the screaming in a dainty fashion over that death scene. HOLY SHINOLA ON A SHINGLE! That's friggin' hardcore!

And the best part? My money has been saved to see this awesome part of a movie that, had I only HEARD about this scene, I may well have rented, then ranted about. Thanks for that community service!

BonesawLtd said...

You know... It really bothers me that you guys think that this scene was the only good scene. While it kicked ass...you must be forgetting about the hot topless chick later on in the flick :)

Stac said...

Mike: that's because titties are boring. Now had I seen Gabriel Byrne's tonker.. ;)

PJ said...

I don't know. I was entertained by this movie. Dimemberment, arsenic poisoning, ghosts, and a great title song (Not Falling by Mudvayne). I was happy, but it doesn't take much to entertain me!!

Jason Takes Portland said...

Good call on this long forgotten gem, BRAVO! I laughed my ass off at this, too bad I watched the rest of it.