Monday, December 15, 2008

The Signal: A Movie Recommendation

My Netflix queue reads like an entry on Slaughter, blood, killing; I tend to get macabre all over my hobbies. The latest on my list is an indie flick called The Signal, and I think it's my new favorite film, already added to my Amazon wish list.

The movie came out in 2007, written and directed by David Bruckner, Dan Bush, and Jacob Gentry, and is an independent film. I love to watch indy cinema because you can find some serious treasure in the trash heap of low budget fare that comes out every year. This movie did not have a single wrong note for me; the acting was very solid, the story was weird and frightening, and I found every reaction to be a believable response to the insanity trying to consume the characters.

The basic premise is this: everything electronic that receives some form of signal (t.v, radio, phones) have gone haywire. They all spit out distorted, undecipherable sound, and televisions are showing a strange abstract pattern that pulses along with the noise. This is the signal, and it tends to have a teensy weensy affect on a lot of people: it tells them to kill everyone around them. And most people listen. You see everything from being bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat to decapitation with a shovel to a really gruesome poisoning scene. You struggle along with the main characters, and see some pretty upsetting stuff along the way.

There is a lot of emotion in this film, and the characters have more depth than I was expecting. I'm honestly a little in love with this film-- it's a strangely beautiful story, and I want to watch it again already. Major applause it due to all involved, from the writers/directors, to the main cast of actors: Anessa Ramsey as Mya, AJ Bowen as Lewis, Justin Welborn as Ben, Cheri Christian as Anna, and Scott Poythress as Clark.

Cins, you HAVE to check this out, seriously, you'll love it.

Those who read here, check it out, and tell us what you think! GO! GO NOW!


Metal Mikey said...

I've thought on and off about checking the movie out, in that I've heard it's supposedly the "better" version of the concept Stephen King wrote about for "Cell". I won't play favorites between the two, when I get around to watching "The Signal", but your article did peak my curiosity enough to want to give it a shot!

matimus said...

I was lucky enough to see this in the theater, and aside from an annoying girl in front of me yapping through the whole thing, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. There is a great mix of tension and scares and gore and dark humor, and I agree that you do begin to feel for these characters, and feel trapped in their world with them. Quality stuff.

Cins said...

Puttin' this sucker on my Netflix. I heard a lot about it but never saw it.

Stac said...

Mikey: I can't compare it to The Cell, as I've never read it (King is hit or miss with me), but I am really pushing you to go see this.

I was expecting to feel mildly entertained, and maybe I'd get to scream "BLOOD FLOOD" and then drink something alcoholic, but this was so, so much more than that. I am so in love with this movie.

Matimus: Color me jealous; I would LOVE to see this in a theater! As for the annoying girl, I recommend a boot to the head. Or screaming "shut up". Worked for me at Twilight when some asshole pulled out a fucking laser pointer. ;)

Cins: DO SO! BUMP IT! RAARGH, STAC SMASH! *achem*. I'm sorry, I'm.. better now.

BonesawLtd said...

This is a huge mind-fuzz flick. I really enjoyed it the first time... the second time it was even better. I picked up on subtle clues throughout the flick that I didn't pick up the first time.

Stac said...

Bonesaw: Cool, I have to watch it again, then! I also wanna watch it with the commentary on. I need to send it back to Netflix but... I don't waaaaaaaant to!

PJ said...

I picked this up when it first came out on DVD. I love this movie. Favorite scene? Lewis, Clark, and Anna sitting in Anna's apartment. They are all covered in blood but are surrounded by party decorations. Surreal. I absolutely loved it.

Stac said...

P.J: I loved the cocktail scene: the whole world has gone nuts, they're blood spattered, and it still looks like one of those awkward moments you get trapped in at a party where you don't know anyone. That was hilarious!