Thursday, December 18, 2008

A couple recomendations to sling at ya!

Just a quickie for today. I think Stac is currently celebrating her passing of logic and various math classes so I'm sure she's face down somewhere recovering from a drunken stupor...covered in Ball Joint Dolls and margarita mix.
Its really the only way to live. Really.

So I'm going to toss a couple quick recommendations your way that I happened upon on the web browsing travels at work.

1-Benevolent Street
I actually didn't stumble upon this place randomly. Johnny from Freddy In Space (one of my favorite blog stops on the web) has been talking about this place for a while and has joined the writing crew there. Since I really like Mr Johnny's reviews I decided to check it out. Its really a fun site full of reviews and horror news that I usually don't catch until I read I think my favorite feature so far is the "Neophyte Files: Horror Deconstructed" which are hilarious reviews by a non horror fan. I love the horror genre but even I can resist when someone mercilessly mocks it.
If you're looking for another fun blog to read at work, check it out! The staff are pretty awesome writers. I do believe Stac and I will have to visit their comments section.

2-Crow Scare
This is a web comic I saw linked up to Something Positive (and if you have not read Something Positive yet, why haven't you?) and appears to be an interesting horror comic. The basic premise of the comic so far is that there is a king crow out there in the world and BOY is he pissed. The first few panels promise an awesome gory time and the art work is simply stunning. It looks like the comic is just starting out so there isn't too much to read as a back log currently. A GREAT chance to make sure you can keep up with it.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for mentioning We truly appreciate it!

Tony C

Stac said...

Everything tastes red, and I have a synthetic hair stuck in my eye ball. Normal, or should I be worried?

Fuck, did I.. did I eat a muppet?

Josh said...

Josh here, author of the Neophyte Files over on Benevolent Street. Thanks a lot for the kind words on my column, it really helps justify my stupidity ;). We hope you come back for more issues in the future.


Johnny said...

Hey, that Benevolent Street site is pretty awesome! I'll have to bookmark it! ;) Thanks for the mention and keep up the awesome work on the blog!

Metal Mikey said...

Never before have I heard the words, "Eat a muppet". I'm... just going to roll with the literal meaning you were gunning for. Heh!

I did take a peek at the "King Crow" link. Holy shit! For a "web-comic", this has better art than some of the stuff I've seen from the major publishers! I've gotta check more of this comic out! Thanks a lot for sharing!