Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Because That's the kind of Girl I Am...

Sorry there was no post of substance today. Things outside of bloggerland got a bit hectic for both Stac and I.

But I thought it appropriate to mention that my husband and I just put up and decorated our Christmas Tree while watching Se7en.

Honestly? I think a better movie to watch while decorating the tree is Freddy Vs. Jason. There's a bit of a playfulness to to it that goes more with such an event.

You know? The Exorcist might have been a good choice if I decided to go the DVD route, what with all the religious themes and me being Catholic...well...Catholic Lite.
Or Perhaps a little Alien vs. Predator: Requiem? I'll be honest, I loved that movie for both its hilarity factor and the many wonderful creative deaths. I'm sure this will once again ruin my "Street Cred".

So to make this post sound a little more interesting and a little less "Cins has started rambling because she nipped into the Egg Nog again", lets open this up to discussion!

What would be your choice of horror film to watch while doing something for the Holiday season? Lets make this a little challenging too. What movie OTHER than a Christmas themed horror film would you watch? So Black Christmas, Silent Night/Deadly Night, and Santa's Slay don't count. Hanukkah, Ramadan, Solstice, and Kwanzaa horror films do count since I really don't know of any and would love to know of them.

Discuss...I'm going to go have a little more Egg Nog.


Stac said...

Try and get the egg nog IN the rum this time, huh? >XD

I, too loved AvP: Requiem. I saw it last Christmas day, in fact, so there's my obvious choice!

I would watch chilly looking movies, Like The Fog (NOT THE REMAKE!! NOOOOT THEEE REEEMAAAAAKE!!), and both versions of The Thing. Because they make feel all warm and cozy while they're all dying gruesomely and with hard nipples and inverted penii.

P.S: The Predator and the Alien are totally gonna do it after that pic.

Metal Mikey said...

Yet again, even intergalatic threats get more action than I EVER do! :(

Heh! But back on the subject at hand. This tradition of mine has been going strong for about two years now. Every day or two before Christmas, as I'm wrapping presents, I put on my DVD copy of John Carpenter's "The Thing". There's something about the wintery setting, and so many red and green fluids, that just gets me more in the Christmas-y mood than ANY other film.

But if I were to choose a strictly Christmas-themed movie, you can't go wrong with either "Gremlins" or "Santa's Slay". (And if the latter isn't widely known about, it SHOULD be! A professional wrestler playing a demonic version of Santa Claus? Lots of people being killed in various imaginary ways? The fate of the world decided in a curling match?!? I tells ya, it doesn't get much better than this!)

Nojh said...

I think I'm going to have to go with the Tim Burton remake of Sleepy Hollow. Halloween always reminds me of cold, which reminds me of Christmas, and I think that version of the movie has Christmas in it. The movie itself wasn't very scary IMO but very creepy and neat.

Big Winters said...

Am i the only one who thinks thats its NOT CHRISTMAS YET? Its December the 3rd!

Anonymous said...

Troll 2. Because it never fails to turn every showing into a full-blown party.