Thursday, December 11, 2008

CAT FIGHT! Who will win!?!

Sorry about the late post, folks. Cins here got stuck on the split shift which screwed up her schedule.

Unfortunately I'm rather brain dead to write an in depth article so instead I am posting some fun filled discussion fodder.

In an all out balls to the walls cat fight, who would win?

Samara from The Ring


Kayako from Ju On (aka The Grudge)

My money's on Kayako. I think she's more prone to being a sneaky bitch. Samara has to wait seven days to freakin' do anything.

And while we're at it...

Toshio from Ju On (aka The Grudge)

Gage from Pet Cemetery.

I think Gage can wipe the floor with that meowing little bastard. Afterall, he's already skilled with a razor at the tender age of 2.

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Stac said...

That.. is an AWESOME mental image! (BTW, did you know that you can roll up a bunch of Sadakos in Katamari Damacy? It's hilarious!)

I wonder on the Kayoko vs Samara.. Kayoko is pissed, but Samara is evil. I might have to go with the creepy kid in the well.

Totally with you on Gage vs. Toshio, though!

Vicoden is a wonderful, wonderful thing. >.<

Hel said...


MetalMikey said...

Hmm... For the opening bout, I have to go with Samara. Kayako may do more, but Samara's got a genuine feel of bad-assery to her. (But I'm resisting the urge to go all obscure and say that Oshare from "Hausu" could clean the floor with both of those trollops. Heh!)

For the second bout, mutha-lovin' Gage for the win. That kid scared the living CRAP out of me the first time I saw "Pet Semetary", so my lasting fear sways my decision.