Friday, December 19, 2008


I am a winner. I have won a SOMETHING from Mike and Sam at the Cadaver Lab (see side link and GO FUCKING VISIT if you have not yet!), because I correctly guessed the movie title of Sam's LAME ASS kill scene.

Congratulate me!

New content from yours truly tomorrow; I've been busy doing jack all and wondering just how far I can push offensive content on family members and claim it's a Christmas gift.


Metal Mikey said...

The label you have, for this post, of "Stacy is awesome", is not far from the mark. And that's WITHOUT even having known you're a big winner! Heh! Congrats on the contest victory!

(You're in good company, since I'm also a first-time winner for a Mail Order Zombie contest. We are the CHAMPIONS!!!)

Stac said...

Aww, Mikey you'd make me blush if I had any blood. ;)

And you are awesome, too! WE ARE BOTH AWESOME CHAMPIONS!

BonesawLtd said...

I must say that Stac picked up on the hardest "Kill Scenes" in Cadaver Lab History!!!

Hell, even I didn't know what it was... However, the funny part comes into the comment Stac left... Here it is:

Invasion for Flesh and Blood.


Now... What exactly are we sucking? Maybe I shouldn't ask...