Monday, December 22, 2008

Creepy Holidays!

Hey folks!
Just wanted to give you a quick heads up. Creepy Kitch will be a bit slow to update this week. because not only are Stac and I horror fans but we're also on the Christmas fanatic side of things....okay I am. I'll admit that. I like to roll around in tinsel with my cat while wearing only a Santa hat. I have my fetishes, you have yours. Lets move on.
So that combo-ed with the fact that I'm visiting the relatives and their computer is probably older than God makes updating a bit tough for Cins. But I'm sure Stac can keep the masses entertained with plenty of talk of horror icons she wants to bang while I'm stuck rubbing two sticks together in an attempt to connect with the internet.

A few quick Holiday thanks out there:
Thank you MetalMikey and Bonesaw for reading. We love Cadaver Lab and we so appreciate your support and extremely bizarre comments that keep us posting.
Thank you Hel and Bevin for reading as well! Yay for Uterus Power!
Thank you Johnny from Freddy In Space for encouraging us to do this. Yeah, I'm sure I'm starting to sound like a stalker now but you really inspired us. You rule, you young wacky psycho you!
Thank you to our regulars! PJ, George, JasontakesPortland, That guy who's handle I forget but your blog is called Dawn of the Dad (Awesome pic of you and your Daughter!) and others who I'm sure I missed but can't look up since I'm using the Flintstones' computer, sorry. You guys have made this blog a blast to write for. I hope we keep you coming back.
You folks have welcomed us to crazy girly girls into the world of horror blogging with open arms and we appreciate your support.
I better stop because this is starting to sound like a really shitty Oscar speech. is the orchestra playing me off now?

If I don't post before the big 2-5 I hope you all have Happy and Creepy Holidays!
...oh and if a dirty looking santa with funny teeth and an ax knock on your door, don't let him in. Trust me.


Metal Mikey said...

Thanks for the kind words! And I hope that you and Stac, and EVERYONE that are in the immediate circle of friends/family/random-ass people in your lives have a very Merry Christmas. (I'll simply deal with getting this amazingly more stressful than usual Christmas out of the way!)

And I'm at least safe from any psychotic Santa murderers. They gotta trudge through soon to be 50 plus inches of snow in Michigan. NO ONE'S crazy enough to do that.

Johnny said...

Everyone needs at least one stalker!

Merry Christmas to both of you gals. Keep up the good work!