Friday, December 12, 2008

Baked Out of My Gourd, and No Where to Go..

I managed to throw my back out again, so I'm currently riding high on the Vicodin/muscle relaxer wave, and I keep thinking really weird thoughts.

So I decided I would try and parlay this weirdness into something productive: What is the weirdest movie scene you've ever seen? One that really stuck with you? Like tripped out, balls to the wall, gotta sleep with a night light weird?

For me it would have to be Robert Blake in Lost Highway. If you've seen the movie.. you know the scene. You know it.

Imagine yourself in Bill Pullman's character's place. Imagine this.. thing, accosting you like this, surrounded by people, and suddenly you are more alone and threatened than you have ever been in your life.

Robert Blake's alleged crimes not withstanding, he is legitimately one of the scariest men I have ever seen, compliments of this film. Is it because his eyes are so black and his face is so white? Is it the way his eyes are open just a little too wide on top, while the bottom lid has not dropped down far enough? Is it the smile, that comes too wide, and leaves too abruptly? I don't know.

But imagine that at the foot of your bed.

Now please, share your personal moments of tripping out, even whilst clear headed (as I was when I watched Lost Highway); I would love to hear what scares you!


Metal Mikey said...

Strictly in a movie sense, there's really been three movies that gave me a real case of the heebie-jeebies:

1. The ORIGINAL "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The way the film was shot almost makes it look like a pseudo-documentary. And the way the violence is so understated gives it a sense of realism. (Damned if I STILL don't jump a bit when Sally pops back to "life" from her storage in the meat cooler.)

2. "Seven". The movie as a whole is damn creepy, but I remember my Metal Mikey senses tingling with everyone's favorite... "What's in the box?".

3. "The Descent". Darkness doesn't normally get to me, in real life. Tight spaces... Well, I haven't been in any to really think about it. But put the two together in a film, and add bizarro cavern cannibal people, and you get one ULTRA keyed-up Metal Mikey on the edge of his seat.

Bevin said...

Anything by David Lynch would qualify under this header, except maybe The Elephant Man and The Straight Story. I know you're sick of hearing about Mulholland Drive, but man, the last scene freaked me right the hell out. I'd link a video, but I don't want to ruin it, since it's the culmination of the entire movie, which is worth watching. But yeah.

Cins said...

The trippiest movie moment for me (other than the ENTIRE movie Suspiria) was the tucking moment in Silence of the Lambs. I remember watching that movie then screaming "AH! VAGINA MAN!!" as soon as he stepped away from the camera. Keep in mind I was just a naive highschool freshman and had NO clue a guy could tuck away their gonannys between their legs. I pondered where the hell it all went for a while..then felt kinda like a tool when I had someone explain it to me.
Go oh..have your laugh.

Stac said...

MM: I had the sane reaction to The Decent. I had never thought of myself as particularly claustrophobic, but I now know that hardcore caving is NOT for me.

Bevin: Okay, we gotta NetFlix it, then.

Cins: BWHAHAHAHA! I actually thought he had somehow inverted his cock back up into his body. The idea of tucking it between his thighs apparently never dawned on me. :)