Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Webcomic Reccomendation

Hey all!

I hope those of you who celebrate it are having a nice holiday time, regardless of the name of your festivities, and that those of you who don't celebrate are having a nice winter.

I got my tree today, and currently it has lights, the star, one ornament, and very small black cat who is convinced I have built him a fort.

Apropos of nothing, I have arbitrarily decided to use that above as a segue. I have a web comic to recommend, a really great, weird one. Has anyone here read Scary Go Round, by John Allison? If you're curious the link is in the side bar, and if you're really lazy, there's a link here: Scary Go Round.

John hails from England, so put on your humour caps. The strip feels British, as pretentious as that sounds, but what is so fun about this strip is that it is frequently weird, and nonsensical (especially if Shelley is involved). It also uses some dirty words, so Cins shall not be allowed to read as she is delicate and prone to fits of the vapors.

There is no really concrete story; there is a core groups of friends who frequently engage in some serious shenanigans; everything from clashes with one toothed witches who live in caves to being held captive on a tropical isle by villains who are too cartoony for Bond. Zombification occurs at one point, and little green gnomes have been known to get cheeky; a lot of people die, and it's usually hilariously. The real moral of this strip, if one can be plucked from the nebulous world this group of friends inhabit, is don't fucking live in Little Tackleford, not if you want to continue to breathe.

This strange little tale evolved (vastly) from the writer's previous strip, which I think was originally called Dobbins? Originally it was something about a group of friends who worked at a newspaper, but John Allison changed the story hugely, and just kept the characters. It's not a linear comic at all, and I love it all the more for it! Eventually I want to get some of his book collections, and definitely a few of the awesome t-shirts he's designed!

It's funny, weird, frequently gory, and all around great! Please give it a look, and give John your love-- people with awesome vision and talent need encouragement!

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