Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I'm home, and I have many a post idea. One of them will be about the mother of my oldest niece's boyfriend. I'm pretty sure she didn't want kids, or at the very least didn't like the ones she got.

Stopping your car and telling your five and seven year old that you were are Freddy Kruegar's house? Really?

I also managed to rip open two of my fingers, get the stomach flu, and dream about masturbation, which was fun!

More stuff coming soon, folks, Happy New Year, try not to tie it on TOO tight, huh?


Metal Mikey said...

Wait a minute...

-My fingertips are horridly cracked from the dry weather.

-I had a stomach virus RIGHT ON Christmas Day.

... Are you really just another personality of mine actually writing something?

Cins said...

Dude, its like The Dark Half..but more masterbation jokes.

Stac, are you a mere figment generated by Mikey's dark side?

Stac said...

I dunno, Mike-- what cup size are you? We can compare that way. ;)

Hey Cins, I'll give a dollar if you grope Mikey's imaginary bewbage. >XD