Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Bloggers

So Cins and I suck, I admit. Haven't posted in almost a week, and Halloween is fast approaching. What can I say to exonerate myself? Life gets in the way, like it or not, and that is, I admit, a weak ass excuse.

At the moment however I am dog sick, and need to write more on my paper analyzing American foreign policy from 1890 to 1913. I have summed it up mostly as "we'd really like to have that island" but while I would get points for being succinct I don't think I could stretch that over four pages even with a large font.

So instead here I am on the blog; time well managed! At the moment I'm watching Casper: A Spirited New Beginning, from 1998. It is cheesy and silly, but I strangely love it; James Earl Jones is the big green baddie with Paulie Shore as his sniveling toady, Debbie Mazar, Rodney Dangerfield (who actually had a cameo in the theatrically released Casper movie released in 1995 as himself), and Steve Guttenberg as the main character's dad.

I have to say, I love Steve Guttenberg. He's been in a couple of the lower end straight to video holiday movies, and the guy never seems to phone it in, which gives said movies a strange charm. I thought of him when I was on the Tower of Terror at California Adventures, even as I screamed bloody murder. I have a love of cheese ball movies and as a result I will always love this man!

This is a really, really stupid post, I know. I'll apologize and blame this on cold medication and saturating my brain with the Spanish American War and the policies that led up to it. Teddy Roosevelt was quite dashing when he was young.



Cins said...

In our defense, we do have about 3 posts sitting in the cue to be finished. *L*
I hope you feel better hon. No worries, I got a review to post and some pics from the convergence. Just work on getting better!

Stac said...

Yeah, some day I'll actually do that Exorcist compare. Some day.

Thanks hon. Why is it when you're sick you really want your mom? Or big sister?

Send me your mailing address again, will you? I wanna get that package off to you hopefully before Halloween. :p

Nojh said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick. I guess I'll forgive you for not posting. This time. *grins*

So Paranormal activity is out. But I have no one to go with and I find myself strangely out of the mood to go to a horror movie alone. Should I go see it? I was ecstatic about the idea when you promoted the trailer...

Should I go see it today? Next week? Or should I stay home and work on my projects!

Indecision, the ultimate horror.

Stac said...

Nojh: Brr. You've given me the chills! Or else I'm feverish again. ;)

GO see it, says I! I'm probably gonna have to go alone when and if it ever comes to my tiny neck of the woods.