Saturday, October 3, 2009


I just got back from Yakima, and my house looks like a giant, swollen pumpkin beast exploded and spewed festively spooky entrails all over my house.


As hallowed Halloween is fast coming, you have a mission, should you chose to accept it, and you will, because I still have those pictures of your mom with that yeti. And the Enquirer programmed into my phone. Your mission is this: GO SUPPORT INDY SELLERS.

A LOT of people are nice enough to provide services for those of us with a creepy bent, now go give them money in appreciation (if you can afford it. If you can't just go spread the word!)!

One of my favorites is Helena over at This woman is a master candler, and she is far and away a favorite shopping stop for both me and Cins. If she says her candle will smell a certain way it most assuredly will-- these candles have some of the richest scents I've ever encountered-- I think it's even more potent than yankee candles, personally. They're also incredibly long lasting if you burn them properly.

Plus she has spooky scents! My latest order from her included things like Coffin, Dark Carnival, and Bonfire! Plus they come in great colors-- orange, purple, and black, dark red, even hot pink! So go and give dark candles a little love, after all she "Provides Light for Those Who Prefer the Dark" (her mission statement), and if it doesn't say Dark Candles, it's not. She's had problems with impostors, so please remember that when you shop!

When I get my candles I'll share pics!

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