Monday, October 5, 2009

Filler Fun with Cins!

Why yes, I AM a week behind on Halloween Movie Madness, why do you ask?
I will get back to it. I'll be doubling up this week. And boy do I have a bunch of stuff to watch including Dead Snow, Grace, Dead Girl, and Hatchet. It problem is sitting my ass down and WATCHING.
Well now I have a couch so it makes things easier.

Anyways, I felt it was a good time for some FILLER FUN! *now with retsin*.
Here are some awesome blogs to check out. I'm sure most of you folks know of these places but I felt it was worth mentioning.

Tower Farm Reviews
- I've recently been combing through Tower Farm like a barber addicted to crack. These fellas are hilarious! They review a wide range of horror and cult films. My favorite review so far is of Abby The blaxploitation Exorcist.

Fewdio - Fun Stuff! Drew Daywalt randomly added me to twitter one day and I've been checking out his short films he posts. This site is worth checking for Nightmare House. Wonderfully creepy short films folks! So if you have a moment to spare, check them out!

Kindertrama - As usual, I'm the last to know about most of these blogs but if I'm not the only one who recently stumbled upon Kindertrama (actually it wasn't that recent. Johnny from Freddy In Space linked up to it a while ago and I'm a shameless copy cat.), then go check them out! Kindertrama has tapped into things from my childhood fears at LEAST three times in the last month. I'm sure they will have things that scar you too. Fun Times!

And to continue making this post even more disjointed, some creepy fabulous shorts I found.


Never Woke Up

Next time substance... I promise....really....Don't look at me like that.


Stac said...

SWEET! I love stuff like this! You should post that creepy animation about the creepy faery that you showed me, remember?

Nojh said...

Yeah! Those two videos were really cool. How do you find stuff like that? I really liked the first one. Actually I really liked both of them.

Cins said...

Nojh>>*L* Usually through late night youtube binges.

Stac>>Isn't this the Creepy Fairy animation I showed you? Or is it a different creepy fairy animation you're talking about?