Saturday, October 24, 2009

Freddy In Space's Trick or Treat for Unicef!

In case you missed it, Creepy Kitch is running a contest! Go here for more Details!

Johnny over at Freddy in Space has created a really great thing over at at his Blog. Its the Trick or Treat for Unicef campaign! I know I will be donating on my next paycheck!
Here's Johnny in his own words:

"Ya ever feel like you wanna make a difference, at least in some small tiny little way? Well I feel that way today and I feel like I just might be in a position to do so. Most of us may be too old to Trick or Treat For UNICEF, but we're never too old to lend a helping hand to those who need it, so i've decided to launch the first annual Freddy In Space Trick 'r Treat For UNICEF campaign and I need YOUR help!

For those that aren't aware or aren't located in the United States, Trick or Treat For UNICEF was started in the 1950's as a way to raise money for children in third world countries - so that they can eat and generally live their lives in a happy and healthy manner. To this day, little orange boxes are handed out to those trick or treaters who want to help out and they ask for small monetary donations at each house they trick or treat at, which is then donated directly to UNICEF. Simple enough, eh?

So what is Trick 'r Treat For UNICEF? It's essentially the same thing, except i'm obviously too old to go door to door asking for money - that'd be just a little suspicious. So what i'm instead going to do is simply ask you guys to donate whatever you can muster up by clicking the Sam button at the bottom of this post and at the end of October, I will send all of that money over to UNICEF. You have my word and if you need any proof that I really am giving it to them, I can get that for you. I'm not trying to bribe you here, but there's something in it for you, other than the feeling that comes with making a difference, to show my appreciation for those who help out....

The top three donaters - that is, the three people who donate the most money to the cause - will be sent Trick 'r Treat goodie bags filled with TrT swag, as outlined below.

The person who donates the most will receive a bag filled with Trick 'r Treat on DVD, the Trick 'r Treat soundtrack CD, and a Trick 'r Treat lenticular coaster from Comic Con.

The second place donater will receive a bag with the soundtrack CD and coaster.

And the person who donates the third highest amount of money will receive the bag and coaster.

All bags will also be filled with various other swag.

Huge thanks to Matt Verboys from La-La Land Records, who was awesome enough to donate the CD's for this cause. As for the DVD, I purchased that out of my own pocket to give to one of you guys for helping out. Believe me, if I could, i'd give Trick 'r Treat swag to each and every person who donates but I unfortunately cannot afford that. This is the best I can do and besides, you shouldn't be donating simply because you want free swag anyway.

I know money is tight for us all and asking you to donate your hard earned dollars is kind of asking a lot, but if every one of my readers donated a single quarter a piece, or even less, we could really make a difference here. Jen and myself have already donated $10 a piece, so we're already off to a solid $20 start. Every penny helps - please consider it.

I ask that if you have a horror blog or website of your own, please repost this on there to help spread the word and increase the exposure. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, help in any way that you can. It would be very much appreciated. If you want the HTML for the button so you can post it on your blog, let me know.

Click on Sam to donate. No amount is too small. If you do donate, please leave a comment below with the name and e-mail address you donated under, so I may contact you if you're one of the top donaters and also so I can thank you in my follow up post at the end of the month.

You will find this Sam donate button on the sidebar to your right throughout the month of October, for easy access. Huge thanks in advance to all who lend a helping hand."

Celebrate Halloween with the spirit of giving Treats! =D

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