Friday, October 16, 2009

Life DID Exist Prior to 2000. I Swear.

I'm watching 13 Scarier Movie Moments on Bravo as I type this. This is a continuation, of course, of the Bravo's 100 Scary Movie Moments, which was awesome.

Apparently Bravo used ALL of the scary movies ever made prior to about 2000 in the original program, because so far the oldest movie shown is Frailty, an admittedly great movie that came out in 2001. Some of these choices are questionable, like Hostel 2 and Diary of the Dead. I don't really think those would be topping too many scariest movie lists out there.

I really liked the first Scariest Movie Moments, but the sequels have all been pretty weak; not a comprehensive list like the first one but instead seems like puppetry for various and sundry studios and movie makers to have a huge, self-congratulatory circle-jerk.

Okay, I'm wrong, they're doing Maniac now, and that came out in 1980. But over-all I'm feeling a scooch unimpressed.

Also, someone needs to give the narrator a lozenge. Or the Heimlich.


Cins said...

They did ANOTHER one? Ugh. I only agreed with a couple of ones featured in the second one. I wish they would delve more into international horror than just staying with what's been made in the last decade.
And I'm sorry but there was NOTHING scary about Diary of the Dead.

Stac said...

Yeah, it really wasn't great. They didn't have the wide range of people commenting like they did in the first one, either.

The narrator also sounded like he was trying to be Jigsaw, but it just came across as someone trying to deliberately make his voice gruff. Sounded totally forced.

YES. Like REC. How in the HELL was REC not on this so called list o' spooky?

Anonymous said...

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