Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creepy Kitch's Halloween SAW Contest!!

Alright Bitches!
Enough of Stac and I sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves because we don't post as often as we should which is entirely our own fault!

Its Halloween!

Time to post some fucking Halloween Stuff!

I just had an espresso and a BRILLIANT idea!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with an attempt to get GOODIES from us! Well mostly from me because Stac really has NO clue I was going to post this. But I'm sure Stac will have fun judging this.
Right Stac?

OKAY! Anways!!
Here's Creepy Kitch's first OFFICIAL contest!
I say first official contest because we did at two points have other contests. One was quickly won before we really went into it and the other no one really entered. Not that I blame them because the prize sucked ass for that second contest. And depending on your POV this prize might suck ass too but its a prize I'm willing to shell MONEY out for!

So here we go!

Creepy Kitch's First Ever Awesome Halloween SAW contest!

You mission, should you chose to accept it: Write up your own original SAW trap! It can be funny, scary, serious, what have you. But it can't be from the movies. Send your entries to edengarg (at) hotmail . com.

Guidelines: Nothing racist or homophobic or involving rape...we're sensitive flowers. Gore? Completely fine. Creativity? A Must. Foul Language? FUCK YEAH!

Deadline: October 31st (This Halloween!) You have until Midnight Pacific time to send in your entry!

And of course, the kicker:

1st Prize - Your Choice of SAW movie on DVD. Yup, Cins here will buy you your choice of SAW movie and send it to you. Because that's the kinda gal I am! (Blue Ray and collectors editions excluded because I still have house payments.;))
2nd Prize - A piece of art work drawn by either Cins or Stac (your choice!) of a subject your choosing! (Once again though, please don't request anything Racist, Homophobic, or Rape.)
3rd Prize - A print of Cins two wacky sketches "Zombie in a Hamster Wheel" and "Jason Makes a Compost Heap" ...both which will look FAR better quality than those scans.

The winner will be announced the first weekend of November in a rain of heart shapes confetti and flowers!...or we'll just post them up on the blog.
So go forth! Send us your entries! Or tell a friend about this and have them send in their entries!

Come on Folks..Its not everyday a redhead is willing to buy a stranger a DVD!


Matthew said...

Is it written entries only? I was thinking I could send in a Photoshop drawing :)

Cins said...

Matthew>>Sure! Multimedia is fine too! So written, artwork video or even MP3 would be great:)

Matthew said...

Thanks... the drawings on this site inspired me. I'm not entirely sure which I'll do yet, but I'm definitely going to enter!

Matthew said...

I sent in my entry! I drew it before seeing Saw 6 today, and decided I needed to modify it some so that it wasn't as similar to a certain trap shown in the 1st scenes of Saw 6.

It's still pretty original, and disturbing to think about (though I didn't show any gore, I can't say the same for Saw 6 at all), and I hope you girls like it :)

Cins said...

We got it Matthew! Thanks so much! I haven't seen SAW 6 yet so no worries.:)
Thanks for entering! =D