Monday, October 26, 2009

Group Sharing Time! - Halloween Candy...FOR THE GODS!

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So here's a fun question to the masses around Halloween time.

What would you consider your Halloween Candy holy grail?

Every kid had one. The one piece of candy you would not trade ANYONE for, not even the pope (Well, if you were Catholic that is).

The obvious answer for me is anything full sized my ass! Gimme a full sized Hershey bar, dammit! I also had a weak spot for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Baby Ruths. Having a uterus makes one susceptible to chocolate. I also had and STILL HAVE an addiction to Smarties....seriously...I need to seek help for this. I pop those little sugary bastards like a raver pops x-tasy.

In turn, what was the candy you absolutely HATED to get? The candy you would beg for someone to take but they wouldn't because they know it tasted like popcorn shrimp and ass.

For me, Now and Laters. I bet you money I'll get flack about that too but I cannot stand those plastic tasting filling rippers! And for some reason I always ended up with a ass ton of them (that is an actual measurement. Its equivalent to a cooter quart). They still haunt me to this day. I find little Now and Laters everywhere still. I believe they are trying to end the world and only I know their they're coming for me first.

Also, Necowafers. Who thought that miniature disks of chalk would make a good candy?...because they don' all.

So lay it on me!

Best and worst candy of Halloween!


Nojh said...

Holy Grail: Recesses Buttercups

Actually just about anything that mixed chocolate and peanut butter. And Smarties! Like concentrated sugar you could play games with. When I was a kid I used to pretend they were some sort of sports team (soccer or football or baseball) and then I'd be some giant monster that eat them as they ran around.

Hated.. hmm. Nothing is coming to mind immediately. I guess a lot of the generic jaw-breaker like candy? Stuff that is just berry flavored in some fashion.

My issue here is that I didn't get to trick or treat much as a child. So not a lot of candy hogging or yearly candy sorting that I can remember. I can really only remember two occasions and I remember mostly just going for the chocolate and smarties.... ooh and anything with caramel...

Stac said...

Best for me: full sized anything, definitely. I actually got a full-sized Snickers about 3 years ago, taking the boys out. We all got a full sized bar, it was great! I will also stab you if you touch my:

Peanut butter cups
Sour patch kids
Atomic FireBalls
Milky Way

I'm negotiable on the last two, but you'd better have something DAMN fine in the trade!

Shitty candy: Licorice and jellybeans. Especially black, but that's because there's a reason that "anise" and "anus" are spelled with such similarity. I don't give a shit if it's red licorice either, I don't LIKE LICORICE, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, DON'T GIVE THAT SHIT TO KIDS! Or the very tall, 30+ year old kids taking them trick-or-treating. The only jellybeans I like are Jelly Bellies, and let's be honest: the people who give you jelly beans for Halloween are NOT the type to splurge on the good jelly beans. I'm also not so fond of the cheap ass Double Bubble gum, but that has more to do with having my jaw crack while trying to chew the little pink nightmares.

I'll take your Now and Laters if they're grape, though!

Nojh said...

Hmm. Were the purple now and laters the grape ones? I loved the purple ones. For some reason I associate now and laters by color rather than flavor. There were definitely colors that were meant to be traded away for purple and yellow.

Cins said...

Nojh>>Max is trying to keep me from hoarding all the Recesses Peanutbutter cups from the trick or treaters...I can't help it.
He hid the Smarties from me...the bastard!

You poor deprived child! But the cool thing is at least you lived near gators, right?

Stac>>I alsmot forgot aboutS Sour Patch Kids! OMG! I was suck an adict for those!!
Jelly Bellies = Win regular Jelly beans = glue with sugar.
But I am one of those weirdos that like black jelly beans. Licorice no, but black jelly beans yes. But then I also love the buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies and people seem to think that is a crime against humanity.
I always ended up with the friggin GREEN Now and Laters! Flavored for Maximum sadness!

Stac said...

Cins: No way, buttered popcorn jelly bellies are one of the bet flavors, up there with juicy pear and anything peach.